Windows Admin Password Reset Boot Disk

Windows Admin Password Reset Boot Disk – Forgotten Windows password brings many problems, first of all, you can’t log into Windows. In addition, if the files on the disk are encrypted with a Windows password, then it is impossible to access them (extract or copy) even if you start the LIVE program – in this case there is only one way out – reset. Windows password.

Each step is explained in as much detail as possible – you will definitely succeed. We need a USB flash drive with 3 Gigabytes or more, or an external drive (USB).

Windows Admin Password Reset Boot Disk

The instructions may seem simple, but it is a 100% effective way to log into Windows if you forget your password.

How To Reset Windows 10 Password [2022]: 7 Easy Ways

Plug in your USB flash drive, launch Etcher, select the downloaded Kali Linux LIVE ISO image, then click Flash! button and wait for completion.

Secure Boot and Fast Boot are only in EFI – this is the new BIOS. If you have an older computer, then these settings may not exist and you don’t need to delete them.

Go to BIOS – on different computers and motherboards this can be done in different ways, as a rule, because this is at the beginning of the boot process you have to press the ESC key, or the Delete key, or one of the F. regular function buttons . If all else fails, then google to find out how to enter the BIOS on your laptop/motherboard model.

To disable Secure Boot and Fast Boot it is only necessary to boot from a USB flash drive, that is, after resetting the Windows password, these settings can be restored to their previous state.

Reset Windows 10 Password By Disabling Windows Defender

Then, during startup, or in the same place, in the BIOS, select the USB flash drive or external drive as the boot disk:

The program we are looking for is called chntpw, it allows users to change Windows passwords, and unlock users. This is an open source program, that is, there is no need to be afraid that it will infect the computer with a virus or something like that. Additionally, this Windows password reset software is free.

Current Linux distributions automatically mount (ie, mount on the system) all disks. But in some cases, the drive is used for read-only, and the mounting points of different drives are different. Therefore, we will do the following:

Information about disks and their partitions is divided into blocks. Each block starts with the word “Disk:”, in each block the Disk model and disk size are shown – based on this data, find the disk where the Windows operating system is installed.

How To Reset A Windows 8 Password

Also, if it is Windows 10, then “Windows recovery mode”, “EFI system”, “Microsoft backup”, “Microsoft key data” are present.

The arrow in the screenshot points to my Windows drive. We wanted to know the name of the drive and the name of the partition “Microsoft core data”, in my case it is /dev/sdb4. This is the biggest division. Older versions of Windows may have fewer partitions.

Now the most important step in this tutorial is to make a backup copy of the SAM file in case something goes wrong.

I want to reset the password of a Windows user named ShareOverlord. Also note that there is an Administrator user in the system, but it is disabled / locked (dis / lock).

How To Reset Windows 10/11 Administrator Password With 4 Easy Ways

Therefore, we have two options: 1) reset the password for any user. Unfortunately, this option does not always work at the moment – sometimes it appears to reset the password, and sometimes not. If you do as written here using ntfsfix to fix the disk, you usually get to reset the password in Windows 10. From Windows to version 8.1 there should not be any problems. 2) Open the Administrator and delete any user passwords for the Administrator account.

If this method fails (the Windows password is still required), then enable the Administrator user account. This can be done immediately, before restarting. If you do not need this account, you can deactivate it again.

Please note that the username may not be “Administrator”, in different OS languages, the username is different.

Even if an error occurred, now the Administrator is in the list of users, we use this account to log in:

How To Reset Administrator Password For Windows

Enter the following command to change the user account password. Replace “MiAl” with the Windows account name, and “123” with the new password:

In the next section, we will analyze the main capabilities of chntpw and familiarize ourselves with the SAM file (Security Account Manager), which stores the Windows Registry branch and information about user accounts, Passwords, Groups, etc.

Alex March 11, 2020 chntpw, quick password recovery, Kali Linux, Kali Linux installation, passwords, Windows Password Attack No comments , creating a password that is very difficult to remember, etc. According to the report, about 21 percent of users lose their passwords in two weeks, while 25 percent forget them at least once a day. It seems like an important issue, but it’s not the only one.

Therefore, you should focus on the solution instead of focusing on the problem. There are many ways to reset your Windows 10 password, including using a super administrator account, password reset programs, or formatting and resetting your PC, although not all of these things work for everyone.

How To Reset A Windows Password

Throughout this article, we will go through the many types of passwords Windows 10 supports, and how to reset Windows 10 password using a bootable USB Drive without losing your data.

There are three main types of passwords in Windows 10. Here is a list of them, along with a brief summary of what they represent.

Administrator password: You can use this password to log in to the administrator account. Users can update the security settings of other people’s accounts, install software, and even access any files or folders on your computer using an administrator account.

This is the password that people use to access their Windows 10 computers. However, unlike the administrator password, it allows you to log in with a user profile and limited permissions.

How Do I Log Back Into Windows Server 2016?

The big difference is that this is not a local account. This can be the password of an administrator account or perhaps a regular user account. A Microsoft password is assigned to accounts linked to customers’ Microsoft accounts.

While Windows 10 allows you to include questions to prevent data loss if you lose your password, it is always recommended to start Windows 10 to reset the password for this disk every time users set a password. Once logged in, can you create a new Disk Password for a specific PC? You may be wondering how to create a Windows 10 password reset disk. The steps to create a password reset disk will be as follows:

Your computer’s password reset disk has been created. To prevent unwanted access to your computer, store the USB drive in a safe place.

So we have seen that with the help of a USB reset disk, you can reset the Windows 10 password if you have forgotten it. Was it wrong? But what if you don’t have a reset USB and you forgot your Windows 10 password, and maybe if you don’t have a local account, instead of a Microsoft account? What can you do when you are in such a situation? In some cases, you should use the removable USB made by SysGeeker WinPassGo, which can be a good tool to reset or remove administrator passwords under Windows 10/8/7/server using USB drive without formatting and partitioning. your disk.

How To Reset Windows 10 Administrator Password Using Command Prompt

This tool does not have to be installed on the same PC where you lost the password; therefore, if you certainly did not expect this event, then you can install it on another Windows 10 computer or perhaps a Mac device. One can use this software to create and delete user profiles on your Windows 10 IPC and change or delete Windows 10 password.

Remove the USB drive from the PC and restart your computer after resetting the password. You can now use the reset password to log in to your Windows 10 PC.

If you had Windows 10 previously installed via USB, then you can use this method to reset the password under Windows 10. However, you should note that because this method does not use any user interface, users will need to log in. secret commands inside a black screen. And if you’re not tech-savvy and don’t feel comfortable, there are other options.

As you can see, the above methods are about Reset Windows 10 Password via Bootable USB Drive, so these methods have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Considering all the pros and cons, you need to choose the best plan for your specific situation.

How To Reset Your Windows 10 Admin Account If The Password Is Lost?

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