Ways To Organize Books On Bookshelf

Ways To Organize Books On Bookshelf – It’s the season of tidying up and organizing. Discover simple and smart ways to organize, design and find the perfect new home for your book collection.

There’s something about the experience of flipping through a well-read book that can’t compare to an e-reader. But from time to time, those books tend to pile up and get shoved into all the nooks and crannies. One of the easiest ways to store your treasured publications is a stylish, practical bookshelf. However, organizing such a library can be a bit tricky. Until now! We’ve got tips and tricks for storing your books, plus ideas for styling your bookshelf.

Ways To Organize Books On Bookshelf

Needing a home for their beautiful bass guitar and a large collection of books and records, the owners turned to designer Harmony Weihs to transform an unused corner into functional storage space.

How To Organize Your Bookshelves

The first step to getting organized is finding a system that works best for you. Simply put, there is no right or wrong way to categorize your book collection. There are, of course, pros and cons to each method, but the result will be an organization lover’s dream whichever method you choose.

Alphabetically: There are a couple of different options on this. You can sort your readings alphabetically by author or by title. If you have a large enough collection, sorting by author last name will help you find what you’re looking for a little easier. It will be like having a mini library for you (and your friends!) to choose from in your home.

By Genre: If you’re a reader of many different genres across the board, this category is for you. Organize novels into their respective genres and easily find the ideal read for your mood, whether it’s a mystery book or a tutorial on your favorite hobby.

Fiction vs. Nonfiction: This method is extremely simple for a smaller collection. Start by grouping your fiction books together, so everyone else can just live in a different section to find them easily.

A Better Way To Organize And Style Your Bookshelves

Each shelf of this bookcase is organized with color-coordinated collections of books. Contemporary trinkets act as elegant bookends. The decorations add extra color and personality to the beautiful display.

By Color – For a Pinterest-worthy bookshelf, organizing your reads by color is the way to go. This trend is a popular way to make a statement with your books, as well as decoration. Try arranging in a rainbow pattern for a colorful display or group warm and cool tones together for a statement effect. The only downside to this category is that unless you know the spine color of each book, picking your next pick or looking for a particular title can be a little tricky.

Read vs. Must Read: Instead of shelving new titles until you get a chance to read them, build a shelf or two just for that purpose. When you feel the need to start a new reading, you’ll know exactly where to go.

Once you’ve sorted your novels into any order you like, now is the time to design and add some personality to the bookshelf.

Awesome Kids Book Storage Ideas

Book Orientation: Don’t be afraid to stack your books and even use them as makeshift bookstands. To add some extra flair and break up the vertical lines, stack the books horizontally in the center. Alternate orientations throughout the shelf for an elegant display.

Pair it with accessories: Put those makeshift risers you just made to good use. Above the stacks of books is the perfect place to display thrift store finds, travel memorabilia, and other favorite items. Decorate in-between spaces with lush plants, memorable photos, or playful figurines.

Make it visually appealing: To give your collection a neat, refined look, group books with similar heights and widths together. This will create a streamlined look whilst remaining functional at all times. Update worn or torn books by wrapping them in matching paper for an updated facelift.

Add Artwork: Add a creative touch to your shelf by hanging a noteworthy piece front and center for display. Attach the artwork to the front of the shelf using picture hanging strips to add easy decoration.

The Bookshelf Idea That You Should Never Give In To

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Bookshelf Organization Ideas

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It may not be a new trend, but we still love open shelves. And we’re here to tell you why you should too. I recently moved into a new apartment, which has given me an excuse to blamelessly pursue my favorite procrastinating activity: rearranging my library. It also forced me to read each of my books and ask tough questions like, am I really going to read The Forsyte Saga? (Answer: It’s been there for 10 years, but maybe? I’ve kept it.) Or: Will I read Middlemarch again, and if so, will I want to use this yellowed paperback with an engraved spine that I got for free from a curve? (Answer: No. If a person returns to

On my old shelves, my books were organized into four broad genres: fiction, non-fiction, plays, and poetry. Fiction was sorted by publication date, non-fiction by topic, and plays and poetry were in no particular order. On my new shelf, I’ve stuck to my general genres and within each one, I’ve kept things simple and organized everything alphabetically. Boring, but effective. But part of the fun of rearranging your books is considering all your options, so here are 10 organizing strategies for the next time you find yourself in the middle of moving, downgrading, or, if you’re like me, procrastinating.

How I Organize Our Bookshelves

1. Chronologically, by publication date As I said earlier, this is how I have organized most of my books over the last ten years. It’s quite a pretentious way to archive your collection, and to make it even more pretentious, I got the idea secondhand, from a literary memento. (I no longer remember whose memories are). But this method ended up working for me for two reasons: 1) the act of tidying up my books on the shelf helped me remember the story and get a better idea of ​​which one. writers were writing and publishing at the same time, and perhaps influencing each other; and 2) when I add books to my collection, they’re usually new, recently published, and easier to leave at the bottom of the shelf than finding a place for them alphabetically.

2. By Color If you have a large number of books, this is an extremely silly way to organize your library. I know, because I tried it once. I have a good memory for covers and thought this would be an intuitive way to find my books, and it would be nice too. What I didn’t realize is that book spines are sometimes a different color than the covers. I found myself spending a lot of time looking for, say, a book that I was sure was red, only to find that the spine was blue. But if you’re really into putting things in rainbow order and have a small number of books you know well, this could be a visually striking way to organize your shelves.

I’ve seen it in design magazines and once while visiting a luxurious loft in Nolita, where tall stacks of art books were arranged in uneven piles on a long bench. It reminded me, not unpleasantly, of the scene in The Great Gatsby when Nick Carraway visits the Gatsby library and finds that none of the book pages have been clipped for reading. So if you have a lot of good books that are just for show, art stacks might be the way to go.

If you are a collector of books on a particular subject, or a big fan of a

How To Organize Books At Home, According To A Librarian

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