Top Ten Movies This Week

Top Ten Movies This Week – Imagine Otto saying it’s 2022 and not Peter… and that’s not an obvious spoiler for the list or anything… sure!

Hello everyone, I’m a little late… ok REALLY LATE, but hey, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope everyone out there is having a good year so far, although there is a possibility that 2020-2… Cool?! Cold! Anyway, 2021 has been a crazy year for various reasons for the world and for me personally. I could write you a whole book about the last four months of 2021, but to keep you (great readers who obviously enjoy this 😉) from repeating my sadness, let’s focus on what I just knew. talking about: movies!

Top Ten Movies This Week

Like every year, movies are a great source of information for consoles, distribution and more, and the 2021 movie lineup is no exception. we won the odd one at the Oscars in April, making a film like that

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Acceptable in February, but with the help of the Doctor’s Vaccine, the cinema can finally return! Sure, it’s not like last year, but there’s still enough life and screenings in theaters (and on streaming services, too) to keep a cinephile like me happy!

… Enough of these interesting stories, it’s time for the Top 10 Movies of 2021! Is that why you came here?! I mean, I hope so… I put it in the title of this post. Alas, before entering the summit, I will give you a brief overview of my noble words in 2021!

: The movie I watched in 2021 that really blew me away, Licorice Pizza is a cute thriller with strong chemistry from two actors that almost pop off the screen.

As strong as I expected with brilliant performances from Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga with poetically beautiful cinematography.

Top 10 Movies This Week

A thrilling thriller about the times we live in, with an Oscar-worthy performance from Colman Domingo; Meanwhile,

Has the strength of a movie I can recommend to my mom with thought-provoking dialogue about mental health and another winner from Joaquin Phoenix.

It truly provided one of the best cinema experiences of my life with sights and sounds that a cinema really needs to open up. I might have read the book before watching, but maybe more sleep would have put this movie on a higher level! 😉

: The latest addition to this group and a tough departure from the list, a surprising Best Picture nominee

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And without further ado, it’s time to start the list with number 10 (*Insert catchy soundtrack of your choice here*):

Who knew Steven Spielberg was such a good actor?! Well, even though he’s one of my favorite directors of all time, the delay and controversy surrounding the character made me feel hesitant… before the idea came out. Then the idea declines, the spirit declines. Then I saw

, souls are resurrected and destroyed at the same time! Every frame of this movie is amazing. I feel like there are details that most people won’t notice on the fourth or fifth viewing of this movie, let alone the first. Personally, I think it speaks to the amount of love and effort that everyone in their department puts into creating a film that feels completely authentic to the world they’re trying to capture. There is no doubt in my mind that this film deserves to be nominated and ultimately, win in the Oscars’ technical categories such as Costume Design, Hair & Makeup, and production.

A film directed by Steven Spielberg and surprisingly, what he did here was a hit! You’ll never be able to tell that he’s never directed a musical before with the way he handles every musical number with such honesty. These moments give the film energy, while Spielberg weaves all the beautiful little details around the film’s heart and message. A story that has been known for decades has been updated with all the little elements that make this film fresh in its own way. Give or take that person center stage (and needless to say, I give *him* again),

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Coming in at #10, no other film feels as close to it as James Gunn

This movie is absolutely amazing! From the moment it started to the end, I had a smile on my face at almost every point and not just from one thing. However, all of this comes from the mind of a great horror writer director in James Gunn. My lord, did he really blow the gun making this movie! When it comes to the script, you can feel the freedom he gave to imbue this film with a sense of wonder that had me rolling on the floor, while also managing to give this film its heart and soul as a signature high. All of this goes well with his direction bringing so much energy to every scene and balancing the sound like a wizard… the magic is amazing!

Do you know what else is interesting?! Squad characters themselves! First we got my son King Shark

Played by the real king, Rocky himself, Sylvester Stallone. Am I right, or am I right?! Then you have the great Idris Elba here bringing his best acting strengths to Bloodsport. Margot Robbie is great as Harley Quinn once again… that’s all I have to say. Daniela Melchior also brings a lot of heart as Ratcatcher II but it’s not funny. In addition, the stories of these people come with social commentary, compassion and surprising significance. Basically everything I love about the comic book genre and before the other movies come out, it’s my favorite piece of the year!

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More than that I loved it when I was 8! Growing up, I was raised in the original form

, mentioned it with my religious family, so the excitement is that famous director Jason Reitman is taking the mantle from his father (the first director). When I saw it, I realized that the idea of ​​paying homage to what came before could be very good for this film. The entire film is a loving tribute

, specifically for the first movie… or more specifically (and not saying too much), for the only Ghostbuster that was defeated along the way. Of course, this gives a big advantage

Hush), he gives good credit if he stands well!

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Overall, the film acts as a heartwarming coming-of-age/family drama that happens to have some lightning and proton packs. Even if you haven’t seen his other work, you can feel Jason Reitman’s influence here. All of this is good for players because each player makes their own mistakes in a series of different scenarios. I call this movie “Paul Rudd

Movie” and yes, Paul Rudd still totally cute and doing what he should do. Although for me personally, the highlight is McKenna Grace who is so good as the anchor of the family responsible for this movie. It’s all sad. you with a great product, a performance that great and emotional, i couldn’t be happier.

Busting may have made the Ghostbusters feel good, but let’s just say Gawain isn’t the type of knight in A24’s roster entry,

. Holy Keanu this movie is the most “cinephile moving” movie and I love it!!! I know the source material from reading it in high school, but all I remember is that I thought it was good and I was a fan of a lot of the King Arthur legends. So, having this film take a completely different approach to the Arthurian narrative had me hooked from the very first moment of the film. This story comes from the mind of David Lowry who pulls three creative jobs as writer, director, and editor and I personally think he has mastered all three!

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In terms of direction, of course Lowry has an excellent DP in Andrew Droz Palermo to make one of the most impressive films of 2021 (it’s hard to pick another one to represent the film). Combine these images with some really crazy editing and directing choices and you have some scenes that could be considered for future film documentaries.

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