Tantra Meditation For Beginners

Tantra Meditation For Beginners – I’m Olivia Isabey, a freelance content creator with a genuine passion for writing. I am currently a guest of www.thepleasurekeys.com When I…

This past January started off as an especially cold January for me, both in terms of weather and dating. To shake things up I decided to take the leap into Tantra, something that had piqued my curiosity for quite some time. I was alone, with not even the possibility of a relationship on the horizon. But when I stopped by the yoga studio, the friendly teacher assured me that there would be both singles and couples taking part in the class, and that we would all benefit from each other’s energies. I signed up and a week later it was time to start energizing myself.

Tantra Meditation For Beginners

The couple running the course looked to be in their fifties. Both had long gray-blonde hair and if you can judge the yoga experience by the perfection of the lotus position then these guys were the real tantric deal. The room was beautifully set up, with candles, incense, colorful fabrics and meditation cushions. Large windows overlooked the dark January morning. Despite my natural skepticism, I immediately felt at ease.

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“This is having sex without an orgasm,” offered one woman in response. “It’s connecting all your chakras to the sexual experience,” said another woman, “it’s about lasting for hours and reaching an incredible orgasm,” said a man. Shamila agreed and said that there was truth in every answer in her own way. She and her partner, whose name was Brad, viewed the Tantra they were teaching as ancient wisdom applied to modern bodies.

From my previous experience with Middle Eastern culture, I got the idea that many Buddhist and Hindu practices and philosophies aim to extinguish craving through non-attachment – freeing yourself from Samsara ; the life cycle.

In this course I learned that tantra is the opposite, tantra is living life to the fullest, feeling every breath, tasting the sweet honey of being in one body and filling your heart with love.

Tantric sex is also only one branch of tantra teachings, one that many people associate with the word tantra. But tantra is a much broader philosophy that covers all aspects of life. Tantra means weaving energy. In tantra, you connect your body, mind and soul and eventually you will be able to raise your energy through your chakras.

Tantra Yoga Explained: A Beginner’s Guide To Tantric Philosophy & Practice

We started with breathing meditation. First separately, each is his own temple, sitting on the ground. Then, we did a similar exercise together with a partner. You can sit in the Yab Yum position if you like, but only if you feel comfortable. I was matched with a friendly guy so we tried it. Inhale and exhale together, one person inhales, the other exhales. The experience was surprisingly intimate, and I wondered if I had signed up for more than I could handle.

When we finished the Yab Yum meditation, we continued massaging for what felt like hours. After a short break for lunch, we proceeded to massage each other. We changed partners every half hour. It was a wonderful experience. You rarely spend so much time giving your body the experience of touch.

Shamila and Brad told soothing stories and shared their wisdom. They kept encouraging us to be present with all our senses.

I always avoided physical contact with people I didn’t know. Sometimes you even feel uncomfortable with hugs and kisses between friends. But I never felt uncomfortable during the course. Both Shamila and Brad were very intuitive with the needs of the different people in the group. No one had to do anything they were not comfortable with. There was always the alternative of broadcasting an exercise or making an individually adapted version. I felt completely calm, aware of my boundaries and at the same time open to doing things I had never done before.

Sounds Of Tantra Audiobook On Cd By Harish Johari

After the course, I feel that I have become more comfortable around strangers. I can see everyone around me as God’s creatures with good intentions and I can share my energy with them. Even on a more intimate level, much more freely than ever before. We had started as a room full of strangers, but by the end of the first day, we had all become friends. Feeling comfortable in my own skin is another thing I have struggled with. I had heard that Tantra could help and this was so true. Fill my heart with energy, carrying that energy to the rest of my body has done something for my skin. On the second day, I could feel a difference in the way I moved, talked and even laughed.

Our sexuality is something deeply personal and sacred. We all have both masculine and feminine energies within us, and in tantra we seek to unite these opposites. This is why tantric meditation works both alone and as a partner exercise. One of the reasons I took the course was to gain a deeper understanding of my sexuality. Although hesitant at first, on the third night I followed the teacher’s advice and when I returned to my apartment I tried tantric meditation alone. I touched myself, I was both the one who touched and the person being touched. This type of tantric meditation should not lead to touching your private parts or reaching for orgasm.

But I wanted to try to go all the way. I wanted to know myself as a sexual person and fully accept that part of myself. I raised my energy level through massage and meditation, letting all the energy from my moan rise through my body and into my crown chakra. I was in a state of bliss for a long time and when I went to sleep I felt calm and peaceful

Another benefit I have noticed from Tantra is that it teaches us how to use our sexual energy as a way to raise our general energy level. Upon completion of the course, both my family and friends commented that I looked different. Some of them didn’t even know I had taken the course. They still told me I made the beam. And now that I’ve finished training this summer, I’m meeting conflicts and problems with a new ease. I have always been an anxious person. Tantra has made me calm and energetic like never before and I will definitely join the second level course of my teachers.

Tantraic Meditation: A Simple But Powerful Practice — Scott Moore Yoga

If you are thinking about this route, I highly recommend it. I’m usually an intellectual and logical person, but it worked for me. I feel like I tapped into ancient wisdom and actually found tools that I can use in my everyday life. I am grateful to Shamila and Brad for showing me the way.

I’m Olivia Isabey, a freelance content creator with a genuine passion for writing. I am currently a guest on www.thepleasurekeys.com When I am… Many couples miss an opportunity to improve both their sexual happiness and their spiritual connection when the bond between the two is severed. Tantric meditations for couples bridge the gap and give practitioners a chance to connect deeply.

Meditation and intercourse may not be two practices you instinctively pair together, but their very polarity makes the experience so powerful. Using your mind and sexual energy will improve your sex life and create an unforgettable orgasm. As a result, you grow closer as a couple while also receiving guidance towards your true purpose in life.

There are many ways to build a tantric relationship, from tantric massages such as yoni massage, sex positions, to tantric yoga as a couple.

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Before getting into the various techniques and rituals, it is essential to know why it is worth it. This intention will help both partners sink deeper into your connection through the effects of these ancient mind-bending practices. Also, if you feel disconnected from your partner, this is one way to revive your passion and sex life.

A number of gurus and scholars have tried to define tantra over the eons. Sadhguru describes it as a way to “learn to use the body, not as oneself, but as a step to take this Being into the highest possible dimension”.

In contrast, Swami Satyananda Saraswati reveals his understanding, “[t]antra is a combination of two ideas: the expansion of the mind and the liberation of energy. Therefore, the meaning of tantra is a process by which we expand our senses and release energy.

So, as we can see here, there is a definite aspect of liberation and transcendence. But what about tantric meditation for couples?

Tantra Joy Festival

Before colonization, many civilizations had many more rituals around sex. India, for example, has what is known as right hand tantra and left hand tantra. Here is a quick summary of both:

This is the most subtle and gentle path. He teaches good techniques such as visualization and inner meditation work. In short, it is about discipline and withdrawal from the physical body.

This is the extreme, ferocious and transgressive path. The fact that sexual

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