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I find it difficult to get work done while watching movies, visiting amusement parks, or hanging out with my friends. So why did I think I could do work online?

Site Blocker Software

Yes, the Internet is where work happens, but distraction is always just a click away. You might say it’s a matter of discipline, and it is, but the odds are not in your favor. The Internet, at this point, is a dopamine slot machine. The greatest minds of our generation are working around the clock to “increase engagement,” the tech term for “making you spend every moment scrolling and loving.” Trying to fight it with determination alone is like carrying a water gun into a thermonuclear war.

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That’s why there’s nothing wrong with using tools to help you build discipline. This is where distraction blocking software shines. Turn on this focus app and you can’t open anything that catches your eye—it doesn’t work. Instead, you’ll see a reminder that you’ve set the software to block apps, and you’ll be prompted to get back to work. It’s oddly liberating.

All of our roundup of the best apps is written by humans who have spent large parts of their careers using, testing, and writing software. We spend countless hours researching and testing apps, using each app as it was intended to be used and evaluating it against the standards we set for it’s category. We never pay for placement in our articles of any app or for links to any site – we value readers trusting us to provide authentic reviews of the categories and apps we review. For more details about our process, read more details about how we select apps to feature on the blog.

I’ve been writing about productivity in some form since 2009 and have been very open about my personal productivity struggles over the years. That’s probably why I tested every distraction blocker that came along and relied on it to get the job done for over a decade.

Don’t confuse a website-blocking app with a parental control software—it’s not that. No, this tool is for you, and hopefully helps you build good habits. I researched this category extensively and considered dozens of options, then evaluated them against my criteria. I think the best distraction blocking app should do the following:

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Also, because I’m thinking about productivity at work, I only consider apps that work on a computer—no mobile-only tools. Having said that, I think the focusing software works well.

Most distraction blockers just work on whatever device you’re currently using. Freedom can block annoying websites and apps on all your devices at the same time. No more blocking Instagram on your computer, only to open it directly on your phone. If you start a session, your distraction will be blocked everywhere.

Set up as many blacklists as you want, then start or schedule sessions. There’s a lockdown mode, which makes it impossible to edit your blacklist while the session is active – consider that if you’re inclined to overcome your own good intentions. There’s also an optional focus sound, which is basically background ambient sound from a coffee shop or nature.

The downside: There’s no long-term free version, only a limited trial that lets you run six hassle-free sessions. There should be plenty of time to find out if it’s right for you.

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In short, Cold Turkey Blocker is customizable. Install this site blocking app and you can create a list of websites and desktop apps to block, then set a schedule for them to block. For example, you can block social media and video sites every weekday. You can also block work apps like Slack when the work day ends. Up to you. Or, if you prefer, you can manually enable and disable blocking. There is also a mod called Frozen Turkey that prevents you from accessing your computer completely: turn on Frozen Turkey and you will no longer be able to enter your computer without it being locked.

Since this is a system-wide tool and not just a browser extension, you can’t get around it by switching browsers. But it goes further than that – there are all kinds of settings that can prevent your future version from working around your current intentions.

You can limit the time and language settings, preventing working in fixed blocks by changing your computer’s time. You can stop accessing Chromium’s task manager, which you can theoretically use to disable blocking extensions. You can also make it impossible to uninstall the blocker cold turkey until your scheduled blocking is complete. I could go on, but the basic point is that you can stop working on your block. Try this if you’re the self-sabotaging type.

Cold Turkey Price: $39 One-time purchase for Pro, which offers unlimited blocking, scheduling, and the ability to block desktop applications and websites

The 8 Best Apps To Help You Focus And Block Distractions In 2023

LeechBlock NG (NG stands for “next generation”) works on most major browsers, is free, and gives you several options for blocking distractions. You can create a list of sites to block, then block them in various ways.

You can set the time to block the application completely, very simple. Or, you can limit your time on annoying apps by setting rules. For example: You could dedicate 20 minutes of YouTube time every day or four minutes of Twitter every hour. If you want, you can get more specific by combining time limits with schedules – think five minutes of Instagram every hour between 8am and 5pm. Or, if you don’t want to mess with the schedule, you can trigger a one-time “lockout” schedule.

That’s a lot of power, especially for a free device, and you can lock settings to block sessions if you like. The only downside: it’s a browser extension, not an app, so you can work around that by switching browsers. If you can avoid that temptation, LeechBlock will do a great job.

RescueTime isn’t really a distraction blocker—it’s one of the best time-tracking apps out there. But it does include a distraction-blocking feature called Focus Sessions, so you can block distractions using your time-tracking history.

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It works by using data you’ve provided RescueTime, letting you assign apps and websites to three categories: Focus Work, Other Work, and Personal Activity. This list is prepopulated when you set up your account and you can customize it.

During a focus session, you can block everything but focus on work or, if you prefer, block individual activities. This is a great way to block distractions without creating a separate block list, especially if you’re still looking for a time tracking app.

You can use RescueTime to block distractions automatically using the RescueTime integration. This way, you can do things like schedule a daily focus session or start a focus session automatically when you start a timer in another app.

Your phone is a time machine, but it’s useless. It’s so easy to pick it up and notice it’s gone a few hours later. Forest is an adorable application designed to help you.

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The idea is simple: you open the app and say you want to plant a tree. Then you put your phone down. If you pick up your phone and switch to another app, your tree will die. Last 25 minutes, and your tree will come to life. Over time, you’ll grow an entire forest of trees, reminding you of all the time you spent doing something on purpose instead of scrolling through Twitter. Plus, if you use the paid version of the app, your time can help fund real trees through a partnership with Trees for the Future.

Forest also offers a Chrome extension, meaning you can plant trees on your computer as well. It works just like the other apps on this list but with the option to load annoying sites if you want. The downside to overriding blocks: You’ll end up with a delightfully distorted copy. “It will kill your cute little tree,” you are warned. It’s getting worse: Take a look at the offending site and you’ll be told “your tree is dead.” It’s manipulative, sure, but it manipulates you to spend your time

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