Publish Android App Google Play Store

Publish Android App Google Play Store – Once the development and testing phase is complete; The moment of truth arrives: the moment your app is published on Google Play. It’s time to show your app to users and wait for the download to start.

If this is your first time on Yeeply and you want to know how to create an account on the Play Store or what you need to do to publish an application, we have compiled this complete guide. Find out how to use the Android application step by step.

Publish Android App Google Play Store

Once you’ve uploaded a few apps, You will notice that the process becomes easier. However, Deploying an app for the first time can be overwhelming if you’re not familiar with the process.

How To Publish An Android App In Google Play Store: Overview

Google Play has some rules and criteria that you need to follow to ensure your app reaches users. Please pay attention to our recommendations.

If you’re uploading an app for the first time, You need to create a developer account on Google Play first. To do this you need a Google account and provide the requested information.

Once you receive a distribution agreement for the developer, you pay a registration fee: a one-time payment of $25. You can enter your account information. You must have a developer name that will be displayed to users. You can add additional contact details: website; Email contact and physical address.

In addition, If your app has in-app purchases or a paid version; You must also add a payment profile. This profile will allow you to control monthly payments and access sales reports from the Play Console.

Google Store Guidelines And Requirements: How To Publish Your Android App?

If you’re uploading an app for the first time, You first need to create a developer account on Google Play Step 2: Create a new app

Now that you’ve set up your Play Console account, it’s time to upload your app to Google Play.

Go to mu and select ‘All apps’ and click ‘Create App’. Now you need to select the default language and add the title of the app that will appear in the store. But if you’re still unsure, don’t worry. This can be changed later.

Before publishing your app, It needs to be registered on the Play Store. Listings contain information that users will see and that will allow them to find you in search results.

Google Play Store

Therefore, Some fields are mandatory and others are optional, if any. We recommend you to fill them all. The more information it contains, the more information it contains. The easier it is for your app to show up in search results.

Now it’s time to upload your app’s source code or APK. But before uploading your APK, you need to create an app release. You can create an app release in the Play Console by going to your ‘Publish Management’ and clicking on ‘App Releases’.

Internal tests; closed tests for large groups of testers; You can choose whether you want to make op tests or production immediately available to all application users.

Watch the video below to learn how to perform these steps: Step 5: Set your app’s content rating.

Set Up A Release For App On Google Play Console And Publish To Internal Track

Google Play applications must provide information about users’ age ratings. It is very important to fill the contt rating questionnaire after uploading the source code. Your application will be listed as ‘undefined’ and may be removed from the store.

To do this, select the app in the Play Console; Select ‘Store presce’ on the left and finally click on ‘Contt rating’.

The first step is to decide whether your app is free or paid. Remember that you can always convert a paid app to a free app, but not the other way around. At this point you can choose which countries to make your app available.

Review the information you’ve entered before starting your publication. Make sure the name is correct, that the Play Store listing contains relevant information, etc. the end.

Opting In Existing Apps To Google Play App Signing

At this point you are returned to the ‘Application Release’ section, Mark the release you want to run and select ‘Review and Release’ to check that there are no issues with the release. Finally, Select ‘Confirm launch’ to upload the app to the Google Play Store.

Now we have to wait for the in-store launch date. If this is your first application, the approval process may take a few days. But you can narrow the wait down to a few hours after uploading multiple applications.

If you have any questions about uploading your app to Google Play, you can always rely on Yeeply. Find the best development team for your application and let us take care of tire process. This way, uploading your app to the store will be faster than you can imagine. After burning the midnight oil after spending hours and hours on Android app development. It’s time to launch your app on the Google Play Store. With over 1 billion active Android users, This step will bring you closer to reach users from all over the world.

If this is the first time you have published an Android app on the Google Play Store. Here are the quick steps to prepare your mobile app for publishing on the Google Play Store.

Publishing To Google Play

Your app pages on the Google Play Store play an important role in attracting Android users. After uploading your app’s “.apk” file, Go to the “Store List” tab. now, Enter app details, such as a “short description” (12 to 80 characters) and a “full description” of the app (up to 100 characters); Add screenshots and promotional video links.

You will find high quality icons, Feature graphics and promo graphics should be prepared. Although the last item is marked as optional. This should be considered mandatory. Consider how your app will appear in the Google Play Store without a featured image.

Contact You can also provide details like category and more. Remember that the store list can be updated at any time. So don’t be in panic mode.

Publishing an app on Google Play is a simple process and can be done in minutes. However, The most important part is developing high-quality Android mobile apps that allow you to stand out from the thousands of apps released in every category. After completing the app development process; It’s time to show your unique app to the world on Google Play. The store can be an exciting and challenging experience. However, there is no need to worry. We will guide you through the release process of the current Play Store, which is the leader in terms of the number of published applications and users.

How To Publish App On Play Store Step By Step Guide

Android users usually download apps from the Google Play store, so if your app is featured prominently there, they’ll be more likely to download it.

If you’re wondering, “How to publish an app on the Google Play Store?”, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, We have covered all the steps in the Google Play upload process. Let’s quickly jump into Google play Publish.

Once you have completed all the above steps, You can submit and publish your app on Google Play.

Now that we know the basics, let’s see how we can submit an application to the Google Play Store. Make sure to follow each step to avoid errors in the Google app publishing process.

Android Releases In The Google Play Store: Where Is The Opt In Url?

Brief Description: A summary of your application. It will appear in the list of apps in Google Play Store and is important to convince people to download your app. To entice people to download your app via the Google Play store, you should write the most important or unique features of your app in 2-3 lines.

Detailed description: Write a detailed introduction about your application. The maximum word limit is 4000 characters. Therefore, it is important to highlight the key benefits and features.

Screenshot: This is one of the most important steps to show your app and it’s working. Click “Add a screenshot” and upload a screenshot of your app that shows some of your app’s features. You can add at least 2 but no more than 8 screenshots. Choose the one that shows the best app functionality and value. To be featured in the “Designed for Tablets” section of the Google Play Store, upload a screenshot of your app running on a 7-inch or 10-inch tablet.

High resolution icon: This is the icon that will be displayed on the Google Play Store and your user’s home screen when downloaded.

Submitting Your Android App To Google Play

Graphics features: Although listed as an option, is a feature graph.

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