Office 365 Cloud Backup

Office 365 Cloud Backup – By far, our best experience is the simple setup, which allows us to be sure that we have complete data if we need to restore information. -Peter Tenor, Product Development Manager, Swedish Match

Swedish Match has been the first to use the cloud, moving to SharePoint Online in 2013. They maintain a mixed environment with their Exchange and web sites on the premises, but plan to fully invest in Office 365 in the end of 2019.

Office 365 Cloud Backup

When they first moved to SharePoint Online, they quickly realized that the original workflow did not support their needs and began to evaluate third-party backup solutions.

How To Lower The Cost Of Office 365 Backups With Veeam And Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

To migrate all of their previous applications to Office 365, such as SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, and Microsoft Teams, they previously used a third-party solution.

“Before switching to Cloud Backup, we used another cloud backup solution for SharePoint Online. Our data growth exceeded the solution’s capacity and resulted in insufficient data,” the said Peter Tenor, structural engineer at Swedish Match. “Furthermore, recovery was difficult because of the equipment. It was not easy to use for backup operations.”

Research Research research several third-party backup and recovery solutions several months before choosing Cloud Backup.

“We want to make sure that our Office 365 data is properly backed up, so we chose Cloud Backup,” said Peter.

Cloud To Cloud Backup For Office 365

Swedish Match uses the full power of Cloud Backup to create four additional backups of its environment per day. This includes Office 365 Groups, OneDrive for Business, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams.

The possibility to bring your own storage (BYOS) was very attractive to Swedish Match, and they have decided to use their own Azure BLOB storage.

Swedish Match’s employees have a lot of experience in restoring data in the form of data through regular training.

“For our installers, it’s a simple tool,” says Peter. “Data recovery is easy and fast.”

Acronis Microsoft 365 Cloud Backup

Swedish Match can rest easy knowing that their Microsoft 365 functionality is fully covered.

It was easy to install, and by using Cloud Backup, the company was able to improve its coverage compared to the previous installation tool.

In the future, Swedish Match plans to evaluate other solutions for SharePoint and Office 365 migration, as well as ongoing management and security.

“It was easy and quick to set up and we can now make sure we have all the data if we need to restore the data,” said Peter.

Microsoft 365 Backup In Malaysia For Office

Swedish Match develops, manufactures and sells quality products with market-leading brands in tobacco-free snuff and nicotine pouches, lollipops, chewing tobacco, cigarettes, matches and lighters. Swedish Match has more than 5,000 employees, has production units in seven countries and does business in markets all over the world.

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How To Choose Your Office 365 Backup & Restore Solution

Microsoft has taken the Responsabilité des Compsants Straégiques de la pile: physical security and informatique, controls of niveau applications, infrastructure hotels, etc. dancnées stock son cloud, incombe à l’organisation.

Nous vous recommandons de sauvegarde reguillet Votre Contenu et les Données que vous stockez en utilisant des Applications and Services Tiers. – Microsoft Services Agreement (Section 6b)

Arcserve offers a comprehensive security solution that covers all major expenses. Microsoft 365 includes Teams, Online Sharing, Groups, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Public Documents.

The solution is complete, traditional cloud, protection of the donation SaaS contre les ransomware et d’autres type de sinistres grace aux données de Sauvegarde stockées dans le cloud. Elle protège toute toute une d’appliques dans le cloud Telles que Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and Azure Active Directory.

Automated Office 365, Dynamics 365 & Saleforce Backup

Arcserve SaaS Backup offers clients a whole series of recovery options, y comris une funcción de recherche ultrarapide, qui permet de restaur des teraoctets de données ou des objets granularaires.

Complete ransomware protection for Microsoft 365 powered by granulaires—and fast updates. Fournit des taux élevés de déduplication des données stockées sur site This article presents the best copies of six Office 365 Cloud Backup, you can check their detailed information and choose the most suitable one accordingly and your needs.

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