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I’m sure many of you remember the affordable Nokia Lumia 520 smartphone announced in 2013 with Windows 8 pre-installed out of the box. Since then the device has only received the Windows 8.1 update. The device is not considered to have been updated with the new Windows 10. But what if the same device is found online running on the new Android Nougat.

Nokia Lumia 520 Android

This is no joke but instead, some clever programmers on XDA have released a video showing Nokia Lumia 520 running on Android Nougat 7.1. Well, before you get too excited, it’s important to know that right now the custom ROM is still in its infancy and not stable enough to be your daily driver. I’m sure many will find this not exciting as the Nougat update doesn’t work on some new Lumia smartphones but the best part is that it has a 4 inch display with a display of 480 x 800 pixels. Android Nougat runs smoothly and even the multi-windows key feature shows two apps running side by side.

Nokia Lumia 520 Review: One Of The Best Budget Phones Around

Well, I’m sure many high-end Lumia owners want to install Android Nougat on their devices to begin with. If someone releases a stable Nougat build for Lumia 950 or Lumia 1020, it will surely impress. Thanks to HMD on the other hand, Nokia fans can expect new Android powered Nokia smartphones in 2017. Let’s wait and see how HMD fulfills the wishes of Nokia fans.

Google has unveiled Android 12L for larger screen devices UPD: DP1 revealed Twitter will let you customize your app navigation bar for quick access Moto G200 with Snapdragon 888 SoC, 108MP camera may launch soon Sony Xperia Pro-I features a 1-inch camera sensor, dual-aperture It’s always amazing to look at other smartphones Operating systems that are built to support completely different platforms, but such amazing work has shown that something like this is completely possible. Now comes the Nokia Lumia 520, the discontinued Windows Phone 8 device that was launched back in 2013 and doesn’t get the special Windows 10 Mobile treatment. However, a video posted on YouTube shows that the smartphone is not only updated to the latest Microsoft update and the biggest OS update, but is capable of running something completely different.

Who would have thought that a budget smartphone from Nokia could run Android Nougat 7.1? An unscrupulous developer managed to run a completely different operating system on the device, which, if done in 2013, would have been a huge surprise to the Android community. However, with the incoming news that Microsoft and Qualcomm have partnered to bring native desktop Windows 10 applications to ARM processors in the future, you’d think that the platforms would be pretty clear, which doesn’t seem surprising at all.

However, if that doesn’t excite you, the Mesuit case for your iPhone might; It allows you to run Android on it. Coming back to the Lumia 520, the most interesting thing about this video is that the smartphone was announced in 2013 and the small to mid-range units are capable of running Google’s latest and greatest OS. Although Google’s prowess with software has improved a lot, it still makes you think. The person who recorded the video shows that the update is butter smooth on the smartphone, and it still manages to run several apps on it.

The Nokia Lumia 520 Is Still The Most Popular Windows Phone

Multitasking is where we see the Lumia 520 fail, but since the video doesn’t explain it, we can’t give you enough insight on this. If you want to watch the video, you have given it below and immediately let us know your opinion in the comments. Windows phones lack apps and tons of features, but there was a time when cheap Android phones weren’t as sleek.

Last week marked the anniversary of Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia in 2011, marking the beginning of the end for Nokia in the smartphone space (until HMD resurrected the brand).

Much has been said about the Windows Phone brand, the lack of luster of apps that plague the platform and Microsoft’s frequent platform reboots that leave users reeling.

People still remember Windows Phones as one-trick ponies (at least Lumia devices), offering great camera quality but not much else. But few people remember that there was a time when budget Windows Phones offered a better experience than the best budget Android phones.

Tak Działa Nokia Lumia 520 Na Androidzie 7.1 Nougat

It’s easy to think of today’s budget Android devices as sleek, feature-rich phones But back in the days of Android Ice Cream Sandwiches and Jelly Beans, things were pretty sad.

Of course, there’s the choice of the sub-$200 Moto G series, which offers a pretty slick experience and plenty of updates. But these handouts are the exception rather than the rule. More often than not, buying a $100 to $150 Android phone means you’re stuck with a crappy device that doesn’t have much storage.

The mobile landscape is littered with examples of such phones at the time, such as the Samsung Galaxy Pocket series, Sony Xperia E1, HTC Desire U, and low-end products from Alcatel.

Cheap Android phones of yesteryear often suffer from performance issues, as manufacturers compromise on specs, and brands go over Android customization. The platform also suffered from poor optimization at the time, though it’s hard to blame Google when Android was so versatile to begin with.

Nokia X Vs Nokia Lumia 520

Google certainly didn’t twiddle its thumbs, and launched Project Butter and TRIM in 2012. These initiatives are part of a bid to preserve a smooth UI and improve performance over time Even with these initiatives, there’s no escaping the fact that cheap Windows Phones are often more fragile than stock Android devices.

A big reason the platform is so brilliant is because Microsoft is setting minimum requirements for developers. Windows Phone 8, for example, requires a dual-core processor, 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage.

This set of requirements ensures solid performance in even the cheapest phone. In fact, the only real sign of a budget Windows Phone is that you’ll see the “Start” screen for a few seconds while switching between apps. But stuttering, lag and performance issues are generally absent on the platform.

Apart from the mandatory requirements, Microsoft also deserves some credit for the excellent performance of Windows Phone. The so-called Metro UI is common on phones from HTC, Nokia, Samsung and others. There’s no TouchWiz, HTC Sense, or Timescape UI

Nokia Lumia 520 Specification, Price, Release Date

You only need to look at phones like the Lumia 520 for proof of the sleek nature of the platform. For roughly $100, it has a dual-core processor, 512MB of RAM and 8GB of expandable storage, and a 5MP camera. It’s not surprising that it was once known to be the most popular Windows product, period (along with PCs and tablets). According to Kantar, cheap phones nevertheless helped make Windows Phone more popular than the Italian favorite iPhones in late 2013.

Those days of Windows Phone hope are over, though, and you certainly can’t argue that Microsoft is anywhere close to taking Android down. But you might be able to argue that Microsoft’s mobile platform pushed Google to create better, smoother Android made for low-end phones, flagships, and everything in between.

Microsoft offers features like the ability to put apps on a microSD card, dual-SIM support, and a battery saver mode. And all these features are important for budget phones in emerging markets. Google only offered native multi-SIM support in Android 5.1 in March 2015 – nearly a year after Microsoft added it in the 8.1 release. The company was also slow to offer a native battery storage mode, a gap Sony filled until Google introduced the feature in 2014.

Examples of other great Windows Phone features that Google or OEMs have adopted later are Data Sense for tracking/saving and Wi-Fi Sense for easily sharing Wi-Fi passwords with others.

Lumia 520 Versus Lumia 530 Benchmarks Show Who Is King Of Low Cost Windows Phones

More recently, Google has also moved to address the performance issues of cheap hardware with Android Go. It’s a lightweight version of Android, but the company has introduced some requirements here – Google says Android Go devices need to have at least 512MB of RAM – to ensure a good experience, taking a page from Microsoft’s book.

Amidst Google’s efforts and stiff competition from OEMs, budget Android phones seem to be overcoming their performance issues. With devices like Xiaomi’s Redmi phones, Moto E series, Realme devices and, in a somewhat poetic turn of events, HMD Global’s affordable Nokia-branded Android One phones and Android Go phones, you really have to try for a bad buy. Budget Phones Running Android in 2019

That’s not always the case though, of course

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