Managing Family Finances

Managing Family Finances – Money management is a life skill for everyone. When two financially capable people come together to start a family, you can expect a pattern with family finances. However, with climate change, rising commodity prices, single people, regardless of family, are having a hard time financially at this time.

Managing your finances as an individual may not take much, but when family is involved, managing money is not your forte. It is decided to spend all in order to collect money in the family. In order for the family to function well, there are certain expenses that need to be covered. Managing your family’s finances is mostly about meeting your expenses and setting aside money for emergencies and savings. This and others we will talk about in this article. Here are our top tips for managing your family finances:

Managing Family Finances

Write a family budget and stick to it. When writing this budget, be honest about the items/habits where most of the money goes, this way you are bringing all aspects of your finances and life into the light so you don’t feel overwhelmed by where all the money is going. Set aside money for these things so you can keep track of your finances.

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When you have finished creating the budget, it is important to cut down the list, decide what is important and what is not; We divide them according to what is (necessary) and what is not (necessary). Even money that has already been paid to them can be earmarked for savings, investments or your emergency fund.

Your needs as a family are important so we advise you to make a gift for family members who need a special place or time. The lesson to be learned here is moderation, not spending or spontaneous spending.

Any Nigerian can confirm the price change of the consumer. Therefore, it is important to set aside money in your budget to accommodate changes in the economy such as inflation. Here’s how: mark the price of the item in your budget up to the percentage/rate of inflation. This can vary by month or quarter. If the price remains the same, you can withdraw the dividend for the next month. The goal here is to be prepared for any changes that may occur and not affect the quality of life you are currently building as a family.

When it comes to managing your family’s finances, YOU HAVE TO PAY! This is the security of the family. The money available for emergency funds is meant to deal with unexpected life events; This can range from unemployment, fires to name a few. In the event that there is no insurance payout, the emergency fund buys the family some time and protects the loss benefits until they can get back to normal. Here’s how to calculate and set up an emergency fund for your family: monthly maintenance for the family in installments (eg, six months or more, depending on how long you want to settle) = your emergency fund. Now that you know how much your emergency fund is, you can decide how much to save and for when.

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Our advice would be to set up the Ziing plan for the time you want, and then enter the amount you want to withdraw and the frequency you want the withdrawal to happen, then close the plan! And that’s it, you’ve set up a family safe.

One of the best ways to manage your family’s money and grow your wealth is to make sure you stay on track. It’s easy and tempting to fall into the trap of borrowing money to pay for what you need. You can do this if the goal is to live paycheck to paycheck, but if you’re looking to control your money, grow, and protect your money, then your mantra should be in your means.

If you are looking for an app to help you build financial discipline as a family, Ziing is the app you need. You can save, invest, pay bills and track your finances from the comfort of one app. Download the Ziing app from Google Playstore or the Appstore and start saving! Online banking and budgeting apps are popular. How can they help your family financially?

Every parent knows that, even if you use a lot of bells and whistles to make family life easier, there’s always room for another tool – if it’s convenient for the right fit!

How Can You Secure Your Family Finances Now?

Parents are often the most adept at using smartphones, tablets and laptops. Technology helps us with everything from ordering food online and picking up dinner; school, work and sports floors and more! But how can technology help you manage your family’s finances?

Mobile banking, using a phone or tablet to manage a bank account or carry out financial transactions, is the customer’s choice when it comes to managing their money. A national survey by the American Bankers Association in August 2017 revealed that 70 percent of Americans surveyed accessed their bank accounts using at least one mobile device in the past month. Among the most popular features of mobile banking options is fingerprint authentication for security. Touch ID, regular updates in banking and the ability to send secure messages or questions to your company representatives are all part of the new generation of mobile banking apps that many banks are offering.

In 2017, more than 63 million US adults used a person-to-person payment application on their mobile phone, a 50 percent increase from 2016, according to significant growth in this form of payment. Phone apps such as Venmo, Square Cash, Google Wallet, Zelle and others allow users to send money to a friend instantly from their account.

On a broader scale, technology puts personal banking, financial management and even loan application in the hands of consumers.

How To Manage Your Finances To Benefit You And Your Family

By simply taking a photo of the check you deposited with your phone and sending that photo to the mobile banking app, the deposit is complete. Customers who enjoy the ease, convenience and security of online or mobile banking can choose from automatic payment options, transaction tracking, temporarily suspend the use of an ATM card and access an account 24/7 – all at no cost. .

Technology can help families keep track of what’s being spent, areas of overspending, suggestions for adjustments and even options for savings. . A few mobile money management apps worth checking out include:

Mint – Used for mobile or online budgeting. Mint tracks spending habits, sets up alerts, is customizable, provides recommendations on financial transactions and offers free credits, plus other features.

You Want Money (YNAB) – No offense, right? YNAB is aimed at those who are new to finance. He approves the budget and makes recommendations for adjustments when unexpected expenses occur. YNAB offers online classes and access to a mentor if needed.

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Mvelopes – An application based on the concept of budget envelopes for different prices. When the virtual envelope is empty, it is empty. No borrowing from other sources.

Acorns – For those who like some savings, Acorns converts credit and debit purchases to the nearest dollar and invests the difference in cash in the exchange of your choice.

A concerted effort to find and use mobile and online money management tools can help make family “to do” lists more manageable, freeing up time for the activities you love. When managed well, you can end up with a little extra cash in your nest egg at the end of the year!

Deanna Dring is a regional sales manager for Arvest Bank in Little Rock. She lives in Sherwood with her husband and three children. They like to go camping as a family and relax on the beach.

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