Klaviyo Order Confirmation Email Shopify

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In this issue of App of the Month, we’ll be reviewing Klaviyo’s email template creator app. The app lets you customize the default Shopify emails for free.

Klaviyo Order Confirmation Email Shopify

You can customize email templates without knowing any code using a drag-and-drop interface to combine blocks of elements. You can also edit the email design to match your brand to increase brand visibility and include elements that your customers will find most helpful in creating a better customer experience .

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You will have the option to create the basic parts of your email templates. This information and design is built into all the different templates that can be edited with Klaviyo. You can set:

Klaviyo populates default templates with the information above. After filling in all the fields, you will be taken to the Getting Started List page in the Klaviyo dashboard. Here you can update and customize individual email templates.

Through Klaviyo you can update standard Shopify email templates like order confirmation, shipping confirmation, customer password reset, etc.

The app’s Getting Started page gives you an overview of all the templates you can edit and all the features you can enable, such as sending a thank you email to a returning customer.

Shopify Order Status Page

To update an email template, click the Edit button next to the template on the Getting Started page or the Email Templates page. This will open a drag and drop interface for you to change the default layout created by the app.

Move the mouse over any existing element in the template on the right to edit and change it. If you want to add another element, select from the available “blocks” and drag the block to where you want to add the element. The top menu URLs and bottom social links are populated with the default information set during the initial setup.

You can also add additional columns to different sections of the template and change fonts and colors. Switch between desktop and mobile view using the buttons in the upper right corner of the email template view.

When you finish making the changes, you can view the email and click “Save and return to templates”.

Klaviyo: How To Integrate Klaviyo With Shopify

Now that you’ve updated the template, you need to export this HTML to your Shopify template files. To do this:

For a quick guide on how to update Shopify’s default email templates, check out this video tutorial from Klaviyo.

The app also offers a number of additional features, including creating email marketing campaigns, creating customer segments based on the number and amount of purchases, analytics and tracking, and enabling Shopify email flow. Like thank you emails from new or returning customers.

The app imports existing customer data and populates it in the People section. These customers are automatically added to the Lists and Segments section, where they are categorized based on purchasing activity and newsletter subscriptions. You can create additional lists and segments based on your requirements.

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You can learn more about the app’s features and read getting started articles on the Klaviyo documentation page.

Klaviyo’s email template creator app is a free and powerful solution for customizing default email templates on your Shopify store. The app allows you to edit templates with a drag and drop interface without using any code. You can simply export the HTML to your Shopify files with the click of a button.

Personalized emails are a great way to create a better user experience for your customers. They also allow you to tag your emails which can increase customer loyalty.

Jai helps app users earn more through their Shopify stores by writing about useful shopping tips and useful apps.

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