How To Install Apps On Android From Pc Using Usb

How To Install Apps On Android From Pc Using Usb – If you love Android on mobile devices, you’ll love Android on PC. You might be looking forward to doing multiplayer on Android, for example running multiple apps at the same time. Or maybe you want to run an Android app or game on your desktop or laptop that isn’t available on your Windows PC.

Whatever your reason, Android for PC is a useful concept that brings your favorite mobile apps to the big screen.

How To Install Apps On Android From Pc Using Usb

Unlike Android TV, you can use apps side-by-side, just like any other modern multimedia platform. For example, you can polish your next presentation while watching the news on YouTube.

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Of course, you can run apps on an Android emulator; However, emulators can be slow and slow, and they don’t support all apps and games on the Play Store. Or, you can install Android on your PC and enjoy apps and games with great performance. That said, let’s start installing Android on PC.

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In this guide, I will go through using Bliss OS to install Android on PC. Bliss OS is an Android OS for PC from the team that brings you Bliss ROMs (one of the most popular custom Android ROMs).

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It is built on top of Android-x86 – the first and original open-source project to experiment with Android for PC.

Bliss OS comes with many features. First of all, it supports Google Play Store so you can enjoy many apps and games for Android. Then, it offers customization features like Bliss ROM that lets you make it your own. Moreover, it adds various compatibility, performance and security features.

Before installing Bliss OS (or any OS), you must have a bootable installation disc that you can use to install the OS.

In this case, you need to create a bootable flash using Rufus. When you’re ready, just follow these steps:

How To Run Android Apps On Windows 11 Pc

First of all, you need to boot with the bootable disk that you created in the last section. You need to know how to boot from a flash drive (google it for your system).

However, the testing party is not over yet. After you boot into Bliss OS, you should check the necessary hardware such as keyboard and mouse (or touchpad), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, battery, etc.

For example, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth did not work on my system, although all other hardware worked fine for me.

When you are sure that everything is working well with Bliss OS and you want to install it permanently on your system, then follow the steps below:

How To Install Android Apps On Windows 11

This is an optional partition that is only needed if you want to create new partitions using free space on your system disk to install Bliss OS.

Either you have a ready-to-use partition for installing Android on your computer, or you have created it in a recent partition. However, you can now install Bliss OS.

When Bliss OS is first launched, it will show you a beautiful lock screen – just like Android. You can swipe using your mouse/touch screen to open the screen. Next, it will ask you to select a home app.

Finally, you’ll see a home screen with a taskbar, unlike Android if you choose desktop mode. By clicking on the Bliss icon in the lower right, you will see an application menu with a search bar, somewhat similar to the Windows Start menu.

Android App Installer

Bliss OS is awesome thanks to features like Android 10 desktop mode. The best catch is its support for multitasking – running apps side-by-side. For example, you can open settings with notes (as shown in the screenshot). Or you can finish your presentation or take notes while watching the latest news.

Also, it has many customization features which are taken from Bliss ROMs. You can find these options under Settings > Blissify, where you’ll find customization options grouped under tabs.

You can change the look and feel of the lock, recent screen and status bar, or the entire interface.

Finally, Bliss OS also supports Google Play Store – the largest and most secure app store for Android. In addition, it is installed with the Play Store. So you can just launch the app, sign in to your Google account and start downloading your favorite apps and games. The editors select and review the products independently. If you make a purchase through affiliate links, we may receive commissions that help support our testing.

Tutorial: Primeos How To Install Android On Your Pc

Have you ever wanted to run an Android app or game on your PC without being stuck on your phone’s tiny screen? Maybe you need to test the feature on Android but don’t have an Android device at hand. Your options depend on what mobile device you have or what version of Windows you’re running, but here are some ways to manage Android (and its apps) on your PC.

For apps installed on your phone, you don’t need to have Android installed on your computer. Microsoft’s Your Phone app (Opens in a new window) lets you connect your Android mobile device to Windows to access apps, view notifications and photos, and send messages. You can even add Android apps to preferences or pin them directly to the Windows taskbar.

If you want to mirror your phone screen directly, click the phone screen icon in your phone’s desktop app (opens in a new window). Allow the app on your phone, and your phone screen will appear in Windows. Then you can switch to the phone screen by clicking the mouse.

This is not always the best solution. Although this feature works with most Android devices, it works best with Samsung phones (opens in a new window). Some features require a Windows 10 PC running May 2020 Update or later with at least 8GB of RAM and Android 11.

How To Manually Install Or Sideload Apps On Android

If you want to play a game, it can be with some lag and graphic blur, and you can’t share files from your computer directly to the app on Android. But it works for quick access to Android apps you already have installed. (Here’s more information on how to connect an Android phone to a Windows 11 PC.)

As with Android, you should try BlueStacks (opens in a new window). Over the years, it has become the best Android app emulator, making it a great solution for games and apps that don’t have a desktop version.

BlueStacks 5 (opens in a new window), the latest version of the software, takes up 5 GB of space on your computer (and all the apps you download). Open the app and you’ll be greeted with a custom home screen and access to the Play Store. Download any apps you want and they will appear as their own shortcuts on the BlueStacks home screen and on the Windows desktop. Just double-click the icon to run the program in question.

If you specifically want to play Android games on your PC, install BlueStacks X (opens in a new window) instead. This version of the app is a cloud solution that allows you to stream games without downloading them first. Because of this, there are no maintenance requirements with BlueStacks X.

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The emulator has built-in maps for your mouse and keyboard, which you can customize with the touch controls you find in various Android games. You can also adjust the resolution, DPI, FPS and amount of CPU or RAM for the emulator so that you get the best balance between speed and graphical fidelity.

Since BlueStacks uses virtualization to emulate Android, you’ll want to go into your computer’s BIOS and enable Intel VT-x or AMD-V, if your computer supports it, for best performance. You can search for “Turn Windows features on or off” in Windows and check the Virtual Machine Platform option.

BlueStacks, unfortunately, comes with some ads and distractions, but it’s not as intrusive as before, and that’s a small price to pay for the performance you get – especially considering the options the Android version (opens in a new window) offers. .

If you are looking for the Android operating system instead of individual apps – GenieMotion is a good emulator. The original product is designed for developers and requires money to use, but there is a free version of the software (opens in a new window) that you can download for personal use; You must first create an account on the website.

Download & Install Google Play Store On Windows 10 & 11

Genimotion uses VirtualBox to emulate Android, so you’ll need to install VirtualBox on your computer or download a version bundled with VirtualBox. During the download process, make sure you select Personal Use Edition during the wizard. (And, like BlueStacks, you’ll want to enable Intel VT-x or AMD-V from your computer’s BIOS, if you have one.)

When you launch GeneMotion, it presents you with a list of device templates that you can install – these specify the screen resolution, Android version, and emulator-specific resources. Install the template you want and double click to import it on Android. You can move around the home screen,

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