Google Ads Remarketing Tag

Google Ads Remarketing Tag – When you run Google Ads campaigns, you may want to show your ads to people who have visited your website. To make it work, you need to add the Google Ads code, called the global location tag, to your website. The code adds your website visitors to your Google Ads remarketing list so you can target these visitors with campaigns.

Coding can be difficult if you don’t have coding skills or access to a website. By using our pre-made tag, called Google Ads tag, you can skip the book code and set up remarketing in Piwik PRO Tag Manager without adding anything.

Google Ads Remarketing Tag

To set up website remarketing for the first time using Tag Manager, you’ll need to create a Google Ads marketing tag and add the conversion ID assigned to your Google Ads account. Once the tag is activated, it will capture information about the pages viewed by visitors to your site. For example, the URL of the page or the title of the page. This information will be available to you in Google Ads and you can use it to create a remarketing list.

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With this setting, the tag will collect information about visitors from all over the website and transmit the data to Google Ads. In Google Ads, you’ll be able to create new remarketing lists using conditions such as page URL, referral URL, or event.

Once the list is ready, you can use it to create a new campaign or ad groups in Google Ads. You can create as many resale lists as you want. However, if you want to use rich data that describes your website visitors, you can create an audience in Piwik PRO Audience Manager and send it to Google Ads. Looks.

Sign in to Google Ads, then in the upper right corner click the 3-dot menu and select Audience Manager in the Shared Library section.

If you get the option to select old or new, click new and copy the event code into an empty text editor. And copy the ID of the number source tag as shown in the image below for later use. We’ll add the resource tag identifier to the script below.

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From the code example below, modify the value between the start and end settings of the code. Do not change anything else or you may break functionality. I’ve commented below what you can edit.

When you update the code settings, paste it into the theme.liqued file between the opening and closing header tags.

Currently, as of this writing, Google Tag Assistant does not check what values ​​are included in the resale tag. So you need to look at the source code to confirm.

Important! Google Tag Assistant will show a red label if you have an ad blocker installed in your browser. Disable or remove your ad blocker to see the green icon.

Google Ads Remarketing Pixel For Taboola

You can view the results manually by right-clicking on the output configuration page and then selecting the page view background and search (ctrl+f) and then viewing the merged values. You should see something like below.

After a few days, you can create an audience list of website visitors using the data collected in the code above. To do this, log in to Google Ads and from the top right corner click the key > Audience Manager > click the blue icon and select Website Visitors.

In the page visited section, select the event from the dropdown menu, then set user to equal the value (in this case) view_item_list and click Create Audience.

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How To Set Up Dynamic Remarketing In Adwords

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Retargeting Using Google Adwords

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Google Ads Remarketing Set Up And Tutorial

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