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Free Beat Maker Software – Soundtrap is an online music studio and one of our favorite online DAWs for making beats in our rooms and our workshops. Create, record and collaborate with this powerful free online DAW in your browser, no download required! Explore free sounds and loops, use Auto-Tune, make beats with Pattern Beat Maker and more.

Bandlab is a cloud-based social platform and online DAW that allows musicians and fans around the world to create, collaborate and engage with each other!

Free Beat Maker Software

AudioTools is a very powerful online music making tool! Connect virtual instruments like synths, effects pedals, drum machines and more to create your own production setup. Create beats, record vocals, mixes and more; Then share your creations with an integrated publishing platform.

Music Maker: Free Daw Reaches 100,000 Downloads By Jose Antunes

The sampler’s interface is clean and simple, layering different samples over the keyboard to generate finger drumming ideas. The layout of different sound types is color-coded, from percussion elements to keyboards to vocal samples. The app offers several sounds to choose from, or you can click the waveform button in the top right to purchase additional samples!

A cool and fun music making app shaped by 80s sounds with cool synths and bouncy disco drums! Super-Looper makes making music so easy – anyone can! Create songs today and share them with friends, even if you have no musical experience.

Roland TR-808 Drums in your browser! Making free beats is easy with five different soundbanks: hip hop, electro, house, techno and acoustic. Each sound bank contains 13 different sounds and a 16-step sequencer at the bottom where you can place your instruments on a beat. When you’re done, you have the ability to export as a .wav!

Learning Synths is an interactive website that puts synthesizers (and synth lessons) right in your web browser.

Free Beat Making Plugins For Kontakt

A free beat creation software based on the legendary MPC workflow that allows you to quickly make great sounding beats. It includes 16 pads for triggering drum samples and loops, a piano grinder for recording midi notes, a sample editor for trimming and editing, and more!

Unmute, tap the grid and tap Play. Experiment with timing and create little pieces of music!

Virtual Drumming is a collection of free online drum games where you can play drum beats, drum solos and songs.

A free desktop music app where you can easily create a mix by starting a group of beatboxers to learn loops and bars. Available for purchase on your phone or tablet!

Best Online Beat Maker Software (free & Paid)

Collect popular beats from famous producers using different samples and your keyboard from the comfort of your browser!

A collection of experiments, used by teachers, that allow any age group to explore how music works and its connections to science, math, art, and more!

Music sequences that resemble city buildings and simulations create a musical journey through street layouts!

Soundation brings you loops, samples, software tools, audio effects and more to your web browser for free! With multiplayer mode, you can collaborate with others in real time! Soundation provides an online community for you to post your music and see what other people are doing.

Beat Maker Online Software, Virtual Keyboard For Beat Making Free

Amped Studio is a modern web-based music studio and production environment. Virtual instruments, effects, loops and easy-to-use tools for making music in your browser with instant access. Write with your voice, browse sound libraries and share your projects with Amped Studio.

Learn the basics of making music online with this interactive Ableton site. Play and experiment with beats, melodies, song structures, bass and more from your browser. And you can export everything to Ableton!

*Not recommended for use on iOS devices as Apple limits the types of files that can be opened*

Serato Studio is the ultimate beat maker with intuitive software ideal for beat producers and DJs of any skill level. Make DJ edits, mashups and beats from your music library using ready-to-use loops, drum kits, instruments and samples!

Serato Studio Free Now Available (beat Making Software)

A digital playground that uses technology to explore the possibilities of the physical world. They create gadgets and use online synthesizers to make world music because they are so accessible.

The browser-based beat-maker aims to educate you and help you create your first beat (which you can download and use in any other DAW)!

Beepbox is an online tool for sharing sketching and chiptune tunes from the comfort of your browser!

Audiomass is a free web-based audio and waveform editing tool! Upload your own pattern or mix with the provided pattern to get the hang of it!

Magix Releases Free Music Maker Software

Try your hand at acid house using this browser-based rig with two synths and a drum machine from the comfort of your PC!

Dot Piano is a visual music instrument that lives online. Use your computer keys or MIDI keyboard to record a song, then share it by sending a link!

A free online tempo extension tool for changing the tempo of audio files without affecting the pitch.

Generate ascii beats just by typing them into your browser! Type whatever you want and a beat will be created for your personal use!

Best Free Dj Mixing Software Programs

A fully featured free MIDI editor that you can use in your browser! No download required! Built-in GM-compatible virtual sound module, piano-roll editor, multi-track editing, velocity, pitch bend editing, etc.

An online music creation platform that recreates the sound of the legendary TR-808 drum and TB-303 bass synthesizers that lets you download, save and share your creations on social media.

Create addictive beats with an app intuitive enough for beginners! Simply slide your finger across the playback pad to record and adjust drum beats, melodies and basslines. Bring your inspiration and Figure will take care of the rest!

Audacity is an easy-to-use multi-track audio editor and recorder for Windows, macOS, GNU/Linux and other operating systems, completely free and perfect for beginners!

Best Recording Software For Mac

A virtual deal simulator to help artists, managers and labels model deal options and predict profitability. Here’s a rough guide to better understanding the finances of how record deals work!

An analog synth built with the Web Audio API, allowing you to explore oscillations, waveforms and ranges from the comfort of your browser! Explore the world of square, sawtooth and triangle waves!

Groove Pizza is a free, playful tool for creating grooves using mathematical concepts using shapes, angles and patterns. Share your creations on social media or you can follow your excitement in the online digital audio workplace at!

This highly interactive online music composition is made for software-based musicians of any genre: electronic musicians, producers, video game composers, and more. If you write music in a DAW or other music creation software, or just want to learn how, Building Blocks can help.

Magix Music Maker

Koala is the ultimate pocket sampler. Record anything with your phone’s microphone. Use Koala to create beats, add effects and create tracks with these samples!

Free collaborative music studio with drums, synths, fx and more! Quickly layer loops and beats to create an ever-evolving soundscape. An intuitive workflow to keep you locked in the groove and expressing your musical creativity, alone or with others.

A web-based music sequencer using 8-bit sounds and samples. Designed to mimic the classic Nintendo Game Boy, it has basic controls and graphics where you can assign simple waveforms and sounds, adjust volume, pan and cut low/high frequencies!

A free online DAW that bears little resemblance to GarageBand, with an intuitive interface and streamlined controls for experimentation. Equipped with a sampler, synthesizer and drums Audio Sauna allows you to load your samples and apply distortions, choruses and loops!

Best Free Beat Making Software Beat Maker

Drumbit is a web-based drum machine, built with HTML5 and compatible with all modern browsers. It aims to be an easy-to-use drum machine that provides a means to put together drum beats quickly and easily!

A web-based DJ app for music discovery and playlist development that easily connects to Pioneer DJ, Serato DJ, Denon DJ, Hercules, DJ and more.

Probe, from the makers of AudioTools, is an online waveform-based sample editor and audio lab with built-in effects from the comfort of your browser!

Create as an experiment to see how the machine can arrange drum sounds; A fun interactive drum sound map that is fun to play!

Magix Releases Music Maker 15

Cook beats, sketch ideas and create more music with Creator in your browser while using sounds from LANDR’s royalty-free sample library!

Mix in the comfort of your own home with this Euclidean Rhythm Musician with an easy-to-use interface in your browser!

TwistedWave is a multi-channel editor, but not a multi-track editor, and you’ll only have one track at a time where you can mix music and vocals together!

Audio Trimmer is a simple online tool

Best Free Beat Making Software For Producers

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