Free Audio Book Apps For Android

Free Audio Book Apps For Android – The habit of reading books was very common a few years ago, but nowadays people can hardly find time to read a book from cover to cover due to their busy life routine. Audiobooks give you an easy way to listen to your favorite book instead of reading it. You can do this while driving or commuting, doing your daily work or running on the treadmill at the gym.

There are many audio book apps that have thousands of audio books in their database. With these apps, you can search, download and listen to the book of your choice. In this post, I have compiled 10 best audiobook apps, free and premium for Android devices. If you think of any other apps worth mentioning, let us know in the comments.

Free Audio Book Apps For Android

LibriVox Audio Books comes with a free audiobook app that has an easy-to-navigate interface. The interesting thing about the audiobooks here, besides the fact that there are more than 15,000 titles available (50,000 if you’re in the United States), is that they are recorded and edited by volunteers from all over the world. The downside is that the sound quality can vary depending on the volunteers. Review 2022

If request no. 1 is still not enough for your listening needs, Audible for Android is an app that contains an amazing variety of over 180,000 audiobooks, not only in English, but also in German, French, Spanish, Russian and Italian. In addition to classic titles, you can also list recently published bestsellers, such as

The app comes with powerful playback features such as chapter navigation, bookmarking, customizable playback speed, switching between reading and listening modes, and more. It also offers Kindle integration for a fee.

Here’s another great resource for audiobooks. With a library of over 60,000 audiobooks in almost every genre; here you can find more than 2500 free audiobooks, including those for learning foreign languages ​​(45 languages ​​and counting). Audiobooks can be streamed online or downloaded.

In addition to hearing variable narration speeds and automatic dialers, you can seamlessly switch between desktop and mobile without losing the thread of your story. Register online and receive your first audiobook absolutely free. The following books are available for $14.95 per book.

Best Audiobook Apps For Android 2022 (free & Paid)

Do you want to improve your English language skills? This might be helpful. English Audio Books powered by Librivox provides free access to over 3000 books that could be great for boosting your English listening and reading skills. It also allows you to search and download audiobooks to read offline.

If you check out the catalog in the English Audiobook app, you’ll find history books, novels, biographies, poetry, short stories, and more. Using the search function, you can find the book you need by title, author, genre or special keywords.

You probably know that Scribd is known for providing readers with a wide variety of text documents and books, but you might not know that Scribd’s Android app also includes over a million popular text-based books and audiobooks. . Just download audiobooks to your device for offline listening.

The app supports cross-device syncing, which means you can easily switch and listen to your audiobook on many devices without losing the plot. Previously, there were known bugs and problems in the player, but many were fixed by the developers, with the help of feedback and user feedback.

Free Audiobooks & Audio Shows

If you’re just looking for classic audiobooks, but don’t want to pay for books that are already in the public domain, Audiobooks is the perfect app. You can stream or download a book from a collection of 2,800 titles. User interface with good navigation control and idle time are few key features of this app.

You can search for a book by title, author, genre, narrator, language, or popularity, or you can just improvise and click the “Surprise Me” option to randomly select an audiobook title. Be brave and do it!

There are 30,000 libraries worldwide that offer their textbooks and audiobooks on OverDrive to their members. If any local library near you is available on OverDrive, you can effortlessly borrow books 24/7 from that library’s collection and easily return them on time. The app can narrate audiobooks at a variable speed and has a volume boost option for those who prefer to listen to books at a lower volume.

In addition to Android, OverDrive is compatible with many other platforms, including iOS, Windows, Kindle, Nook, and Chromebook (find all platforms here). You can choose not to download any books, but then you must stay online to use the app.

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Adventure Audiobook Collection contains books only from the adventure genre and is the perfect audiobook app for adventure lovers or kids with active imaginations. Using the Adventure audiobook collection, you can easily stream, download and play the audiobooks available in the database.

All audiobooks in this application’s database are available in the public domain via the Internet; It is a free application.

Search for free audiobooks available online in the public domain using the free audiobook search app. With this application, you can search for an audiobook by book title or author’s name and listen to it via online streaming. It comes with a large number of books of different genres.

Audio Books Free is an app that features over 21,000 audio books in its searchable database. Mainly contains classic public domain audiobooks and children’s books. At any time, you can view the 10 most popular audiobooks available in the application’s database. “The more you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.” — Doctor Seuss

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People who love books find it difficult to find time to read. As a result, many people use audiobooks as a time-saving alternative to reading. Read books to gain knowledge, inspired by the lives of others. Here is a list of the best free audiobook apps for iOS and Android users to listen to audiobooks on the go.

Audiobooks are recordings of the text of a book that someone has read, which you can listen to instead of reading.

Audiobooks can be verbatim copies of books or shortened versions of books. You can listen to audiobooks on any smartphone, tablet, computer, home speaker or car entertainment system.

Giving your eyes a break from the rush of digital devices with audiobooks can be a great way to relax. Others can save time by using audiobooks. For example, you can keep up with books and do other things by listening to an audiobook while you cook, garden, ride the train, or take a long walk.

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Most e-books today come with audio files that you can listen to. Alternatively, you can use audiobook apps. These apps can read books with or without accompanying audio files.

LibriVox describes itself as a platform that offers domain free audio books. These books are written by people from all over the world and anyone can listen to them for free.

LibriVox offers free audiobooks in categories such as poetry, children’s literature, short stories, and action-adventure. It is compatible with Windows computers, Android and iOS smartphones.

Loyal Book is a free app that allows you to listen to books. It works best for children’s books and classics, it is also designed to offer users free books to make reading enjoyable.

Smart Audiobook Player For Android

It allows you to view and download material from your Android, iOS and PC devices. The most common types of books here are fantasy, fiction, mystery and books.

The portal offers a rich source of free e-books and audiobooks in the public domain. The Loyal Books website allows users to download the app and browse a list of popular categories and languages. Search by author, keyword or title for more accurate results.

Hoopla Digital is a popular platform for borrowing digital media from public libraries, including e-books, audiobooks, music and movies.

It’s a strong contender among the best audiobook apps because it’s easy to set up and search, as well as easy to navigate, browse, play, and restore.

Best Free Android Apps: Voice Audiobook Player

From bestselling books and blockbuster movies to hard-to-find content, Hoopla has something for everyone. With a library card, you can read, listen to music and watch movies ad-free on iOS and Android devices for free.

“Don’t read one type of book. Read different books by different authors to develop a different style.” ―R. L. Stine 4. Spotify

Anyone can get free music and audiobooks from Spotify. This audiobook app is compatible with Windows, iOS and Android.

It has a library of fiction, short stories, science fiction, biography and fantasy books. Classical literature, plays and short stories are examples of other genres. The advantage of Spotify is that you have free and unlimited access to your audiobook library without

Spotify Now Sells Audiobooks

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