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Download Wifi Password Cracker – The ESP8266 microcontroller is a simple and powerful IoT module with built-in Wi-Fi, programming in popular languages. In the Security Tools podcast, we explore one of Stefan Kremser’s most popular Wi-Fi hacking tools on the ESP8266. Download the full Netcat cheat sheet What is the ESP8266 If you’ve ever bought a smart light bulb, power switch, or IoT camera, you probably have an ESP8266 microcontroller. A Chinese semiconductor company called Espressif has developed the ESP8266 as an ideal platform for creating smart Wi-Fi-related products easily. Small microcontrollers have amazing performance in a compact and affordable package, becoming very popular after hackers took the Arduino IDE language to start the ESP8266. Simulating Wi-Fi security devices is easy by creating a development board with an esp8266 microcontroller mounted on a printed circuit board and a USB interface for easy configuration. This includes the NodeMCU and the D1 mini, which are the most popular ESP8266 development boards. These courses are easy for beginners to create using popular languages ​​such as Arduino, MicroPython, and Lua. How to design the ESP8266 microcontroller as the ESP8266 lacks features found in full-fledged computers such as the Raspberry Pi. The biggest difference is that a microcontroller does not have an operating system. But we need to plan what we want the microcontroller to do and then load it to run a loop. You don’t need to be a programmer to use it – you can download and try tools that other people have written without knowing how the software works behind it. To get started, download the Arduino IDE, add the ESP8266 to the list of boards, and connect the ESP8266 board via USB. Next, select the development board you are using and upload the code you downloaded to it, for example Wi-Fi deauther Stefan Kremser. ESP8266 de-authentication attack One of the most powerful capabilities of the ESP8266 is the ability to write Wi-Fi protocols from scratch. Stefan Kremser used this method to build a set of security tools that take advantage of critical flaws in the WPA2 Wi-Fi standard. Wi-Fi routers can send a message called a de-authentication packet to any connected device to terminate the current Wi-Fi connection. Similarly, the isolation packet tells a device to unlock when it leaves the coverage area of ​​the WI-FI network. Stefan’s Wi-Fi Deauther uses ESP8266 to spoof these messages, which can destroy any target in Wi-Fi connection. Hackers can use Deauther to control Wi-Fi access from a secure website that is built into the design. If a hacker wants to capture WPA manually to try to crack a Wi-Fi network password, Wi-Fi Deauther can perform a manual capture of any WPA2 network that has connected clients. When de-authentication and disassociation packets are constantly being sent, Wi-Fi devices such as laptops and IoT security cameras will lose the ability to connect. This is useful in protocol attacks, but unlike attacks that rely on raw signal strength to overcome a connection, the ESP8266 is just a valid packet (albeit spoofed) that can cause a nearby Wi-Fi link to drop frequently. The upcoming WPA3 standard will fix this by making de-authentication packets non-reliable, but until the new standard is widely adopted, most websites will be affected by this failure. Packet Sniffing In addition to broadcasting over Wi-Fi, the ESP8266 can also listen. Stefan’s Arduino PCAP can read basic information about nearby networks with Wireshark using ESP as a network interface. Although the ability to sniff packets is not good, Stefan was able to use the smallest packet data available to create some sniffing tools. You can use the packet sniffer and The Deauth Detector to warn you if a de-authentication attack is about to begin by sniffing for suspicious amounts of de-authentication packets. If someone starts using a tool like Deauther against a device on your site, the Deauth detector will detect malformed packet traffic and let you know they’re crawling your site. ESP8266 can be used to monitor all the packets flowing around you with Wi-Fi Packet Monitor. This tool can monitor the number of access points and senders on each channel, as well as the number and quality of packets sent. One thing the ESP8266 can’t do is take the 4-way WPA2 handshake we need to crack a Wi-Fi password. The ESP8266 data packets are intercepted and do not contain the information we need to perform a test with tools like Aircrack-ng. We can learn about the manufacturer of a router and devices that use nearby Wi-Fi, including information about the type of packets sent. Beacon Spoofing Stefan designed the ESP8266 to spoof a beacon packet, which is the type of packet a Wi-Fi access point uses to advertise its name and identity to everyone. These packages are the reason an operator lists a site in the “sites nearby” list that appears when you search for a site to join. By spoofing these light packets, the ESP8266 can spoof the appearance of any network device in general. Stefan’s tool, called Beacon Spammer, can easily create a thousand fake websites at the same time, allowing you to specify the name of the website to work on. A hacker who adds common Wi-Fi network names to this list and activates the Beacon Spammer will disable nearby smart devices using random MAC addresses while trying to connect to fake websites. This is two things. First, the ESP8266 can block nearby devices using random MAC addresses that protect privacy, making them vulnerable to surveillance. Second, the ESP8266 can understand network names that allow an attacker to take over a device’s data connection by trying several things and waiting for a response from the target. Small package, big benefits For a small and low-cost device, it’s amazing how this microcontroller can block devices for networks to connect to, reject something from connecting to a network, or see a Yes. -Fi installation progress. These possibilities continue to make the ESP8266 an interesting platform for hackers to work on what Stefan has done more, developing tools that redefine the hacking process. If you want to detect hackers looking for your network with the Deauth Detector or start hacking the network yourself with the Deauther, a D1 Mini or NodeMCU development board based on the ESP8266 you can get started for much less than the Raspberry Pi itself. Stefan has turned this microcontroller into a set of malicious and hacking protection tools for those who want to find hidden Wi-Fi security problems every day. Before you choose one, you should know that they are not compatible with 5 GHz Wi-Fi devices and always remember that your search device is not allowed to try them illegal and is considered a denial of service attack, you can find it. in trouble. If you want to follow Stefan’s projects to make hacking tools with ESP8266 and Arduino, you can check out his work or find one of his regular classes on his website, Spacehuhn. com.

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Download Wifi Password Cracker

Kody Kinzie is a security researcher specializing in open source intelligence and Wi-Fi security. He teaches cybersecurity for beginners on two popular YouTube channels called Hak5 and Null Byte, and hosts cybersecurity training and awareness events in Los Angeles. Many of you think that hacking wifi is like breaking a plastic lock with a hammer and it is. and the tools mentioned. Hacking wireless networks is only part of the beginning of the transition from defensive to offensive security. Hacking WiFi involves capturing the handshake of a connection and cracking the password using various attacks such as dictionary attacks, etc. yes. In any case, this is a great opportunity to practice this process we have some tools with us.

Hacking Wi Fi With The Esp8266

And when it comes to tools Kali Linux stands first in giving us simple tools. So here is the list of tools to use wifi passwords, but before that use these tools to learn using them on your Wifi modem or on the authorizations taken from the owner of the site.

Aircrack is an all-in-one WEP and WPA/WPA2 hacker, analysis tool and hash capture tool. It is a tool for hacking wifi. It helps in capturing the package and

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