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Many people wake up to a new Android device on Christmas Day, probably from one of Google, Huawei, Samsung, OnePlus, Sony, Oppo, LG or even Fairphone.

Download Google Mobile Apps

If you’re moving from an iPhone and its iOS operating system, or switching from an older Android device, it can be difficult to understand what a new phone can do.

Download And Install Android App On Huawei Smartphone Without Google Play Store

From changing notifications, downloading apps, Google Assistant, launchers, and making sure new owners never lose their device, there’s a lot to know that isn’t immediately obvious—and here’s the right way to do it.

Users who move between the same smartphone brand – for example from Samsung to Samsung – usually find that their device is already set up with a dedicated app to transfer data.

For those who don’t, the easiest way is to use a Google account, which most people will have with an existing Gmail email account or Android phone. Make sure the data you want to move – photos, contacts and more – is backed up.

To do this, go to the Settings menu on the old device, find the System tab, and then press the Backup button.

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For contacts, the most important and arguably the most difficult thing to do is to move from one phone to another, Google also allows users to manage this from the web. Using these tools, contacts can be securely moved from your SIM card to your Google Account, or from one Google Account on your phone to another.

Users can also use a USB-C to USB-C cable to exchange data if their internet connection is slow or unreliable.

For those migrating from iOS, Google Drive is the best option. Download the app on iOS, back up content like Contacts, Calendar info, and Photos to your storage system, and when you log in on your new Android device, Google can download the data from its servers. There is also a separate installation in the on-screen installation instructions.

It is also essential to unregister iMessage, otherwise messages will be sent through Apple systems rather than via SMS. You can do this by turning off iMessage and FaceTime in Apple’s Settings app under the appropriate options.

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After users go through the process of backing up their data, they move it from one device to another. The new phone guides users through these steps on the screen, which are relatively simple; the only guideline to be aware of is to check exactly what data can be transferred.

By default, for example, Google collects Usage and Diagnostics data from the phone, which can be turned off in the settings menu – but many people skip it, pressing the attractive blue “Accept” button without reading the options.

Here, too, users can set up Google Assistant if they wish, as well as extraneous but useful settings such as contactless payment and display options.

One of the main advantages of Android is that you can change the default apps that your phone uses, whether it’s a text messaging client, an email service, a browser, or anything else.

Step 5: Download The Plickers Mobile App

This can be done on iPhones as well, but it only came in a recent update and is much stricter than what Android phones offer.

To change the default apps, such as from Gmail to the Microsoft Outlook email app, users need to go to the Settings menu and search for “Default apps” and choose from the apps downloaded to the phone.

Many users are familiar with downloading apps, but for those who are not, it is done through the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, purchases made in the Apple App Store do not carry over, and some apps may not be available on Android, but many and the most popular ones are.

For those who log in by email, with a Facebook or Google account, and those purchased with subscriptions such as Audible and Netflix, they will be universally available on all devices.

Most Popular Apps To Download In 2023

One option that users may see and may not be familiar with is the “Home App”. These are called “launchers” on Android and are basically interfaces that overlay the default Android software to provide better customization options.

This is why Samsung phones (with OneUI) work differently than OnePlus devices (which use OxygenOS) or Huawei devices (which use EMUI and eventually HarmonyOS).

Launchers can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and come in many variations. Microsoft offers one that highlights your calendar, storage, and to-do list.

Other popular launchers include Evie, which aims for a smoother, faster and minimal user interface, or Nova, which offers the most detailed tweaks to Android devices of any launcher on the market.

Download Apk For Google Play Store App (v 8.6.22)

Many Apple users often criticize Android devices for not being as seamless to use as iPhones – launchers are a great way to change that and get features that Apple users don’t have.

Users need to make sure their new smartphone does exactly what they want, which often means getting rid of bloatware and managing notifications. Some Android smartphones come with pre-installed apps that users may not want, and the easiest way to remove them is to go to Settings, look at the Apps list, and remove any unnecessary stuff .

As for the notifications, which often appear from the top of the screen by default, holding down the notification gives you different options – making it ‘Alert’ or ‘Silent’, as well as turn off completely.

Some apps, such as Maps, offer a number of push notifications (such as reviews or how busy a bus is) that users may find intrusive. To control this, use the method mentioned above, or go to Settings, find Notifications, tap on apps, and choose what needs a warning or doesn’t need a warning.

Find All The Apps You’ve Ever Downloaded On Your Phone

It is also important to keep your new phone as up to date as possible by updating to the latest version of Android. This will be Android 10 or Android 11 depending on the device. For example, the Samsung Note 20 Ultra still runs Android 10, while the Pixel 5 runs Android 11.

To make sure you have the latest OS, go to settings and scroll down. Under System, tap Advanced and then “System Update”. On some devices, this is on a slightly different tab; If so, users can quickly find it using the Search icon in the settings.

It is also difficult for some users to take a picture or screen recording. Without physical buttons, screenshots are usually taken by quickly pressing the power button and the volume down button at the same time. Meanwhile, screenshots can be found in the settings menu that appears when users swipe down from the top of their device.

It also houses Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other options. A long press on these icons will take users to a more detailed information screen, which can also be found in the Settings app.

Ymca Mobile App

Finally, once the novelty of a new device wears off, users may find that they need some time away from the screen. Digital Wellbeing and Parental Controls are in the Settings menu, so users can set daily limits on apps and set modes that separate work time from leisure time.

A new Android smartphone is a great thing; lose, not so much. To ensure that an Android device is (almost) always traceable, Google offers its own dedicated “Device Finder” app that can be downloaded from the Play Store.

This allows users to track their phones, tablets and watches on a map – as long as they have an active internet connection. If the connection is not available, the program will show its last known location.

The app also allows users to play audio to locate the new device, view hardware details in case it is lost or stolen, and wipe sensitive content from the device in severe circumstances.

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Please refresh the page or navigate to another page of the website to log in automatically. Refresh your browser to login. Google mobile services are available on almost every Android device in the market today. This is what they do.

The Android operating system that many of us use every day is often referred to as open source software. This means that your code is publicly available and can be endlessly modified by anyone. While these claims are indeed true, the vast majority of Android devices today are not actually running pure and open source Android. Thanks to Google Mobile Services (GMS).

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Briefly, the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) is an open source component of Android. GMS, on the other hand, lives on top of AOSP and provides many of the nice features you’d expect from Android today.

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