Can Microsoft Word Work On Chromebook

Can Microsoft Word Work On Chromebook – Android app support arrived on Chromebooks a year ago, though the launch wasn’t general. You see, support is mostly broken down to a limited selection of devices so the experience isn’t necessarily the same from one Chromebook to another.

Microsoft is doing its part to improve the Chromebook experience by bringing the entire Office suite into an affordable Windows alternative.

Can Microsoft Word Work On Chromebook

As Chrome Unboxed explains, this doesn’t mean new features for everyone. Some Chrome notebooks have worked flawlessly with Office applications for over a year. Many others, however, never saw the apps on offer or had a limited, inconsistent experience.

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Microsoft hasn’t made an official announcement about the situation but support seems to be more universal (or at least, more universal) than before. Chrome Unboxed checked out the Samsung Chromebook Pro, the Acer Chromebook 15 (two different models), the Acer C771, and the Pixelbook — all of which now feature Microsoft’s Office suite in the Play Store.

Office is far from the only game in town as there are other options to choose from. That said, Microsoft has a strong Office fan base, many of whom aren’t comfortable with the idea of ​​change and something new. With Office now available everywhere, it’s good that some holders can finally pick up the slack and give Chromebooks a shot as an upgrade device. Microsoft Word, and other Microsoft Office programs, have historically been included with Windows as the main operating system. This situation often forces users to migrate to a different platform to open their documents.

Thankfully, both DOC and DOCX formats are now widely supported by third-party software. Now, you can work on your Word documents on Chromebook without Microsoft Office applications.

There are at least three different ways to open and edit Word documents on a Chromebook that I’ll show below.

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The easiest way to edit a Microsoft Word document is to open the file immediately. Chrome OS will instantly run the document in Chrome’s configuration mode which lets you quickly perform many editing tasks.

Although this method uses a browser (Chrome) to display the page, it can work well without an Internet connection. #2 Use Microsoft Word Online

Office Online is the web version of its software counterpart with almost the same numbers and capabilities. If you’re more comfortable using Office, this is probably the best way to go.

1. Open Microsoft Word Online through a browser. You will need to sign in to your Microsoft Live account.

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4. Now you can start editing the Word document using the native platform. The changes you make will be saved to OneDrive.

An alternative way to edit Word files is to use a competing app; Google Docs. The web version of the software supports various formats including Microsoft’s DOC and DOCX. If you want to save the document offline, you can download it in its original format.

Although Google Docs offers its app version on the Play Store, I still recommend using the web version as the app version has limited functionality and is optimized for devices with small screens.

And that’s a lot. A few options for running documents on Chromebook laptops/tablets. I hope this article meets your needs. Thanks for visiting.

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