Best Learn To Read Apps

Best Learn To Read Apps – To fully learn a language, you have to listen, write, speak and read it! Learning to read Chinese is one of the most difficult aspects of this Asian language. But instead of just memorizing, how can you read Chinese characters and understand them in a cultural context?

Below are the 6 best apps for learning Chinese. These apps have good and appropriate content for reading at different levels. These apps have built-in translators and dictionaries as you read. These apps give you ways to personalize and customize your Chinese reading experience!

Best Learn To Read Apps

Learn to read Chinese with news. The President’s Bao (TBC) knows his feverish audience following all the news from China and beyond. TCB is the most comprehensive news-based assessment reader for Chinese learners. All lessons fit into the HSK system, from which you have 2,500 lessons to choose from. Content is curated and edited according to a rigorous seven-point editorial process to help you read Chinese. TCB = trait.

Best Apps For Taking Notes While Reading

Decipher is a great app to improve your Chinese. Decipher provides free daily articles written by experienced Mandarin teachers. Even better, the articles are organized according to the respective HSK levels. So when you read an article, you know it’s at your reading level.

Essays come with a number of tools to help you read them. There are built-in tools like dictionary, pinyin, vocab guide as well as Chinese audio. If you spend a few minutes a day learning new words by reading an article – you will learn Mandarin faster. And what’s better … without cards!

Do Chinese is an application designed to improve Mandarin reading. All words and sentences in the lessons have English translations for human audio! Du’s built-in translation tools let you find the meaning of any Chinese word with a simple tap. Du Chinese also prides itself on explaining its words “in context” – so you’re never stuck with a dictionary definition of a word.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, Do Chinese has frequently updated lessons for all levels. Get ready to learn about things like daily life in China, funny Chinese stories, and current Chinese business trends!

Best Reading Apps For Distance Learning

A one-stop shop for learning Chinese. There are complete courses from beginner to advanced with 45 lessons in each course. All Pinyin and Beginner 1 lessons are free for all users. Each lesson comes with 10-20 vocabulary words that are also available as flash cards with 2 example sentences.

Students can not only practice reading Chinese with free lessons – but also with free daily articles! Posts several Chinese learning articles and videos (with subtitles) every week. They all come with vocabulary cards to help you follow along. Choose by interest and level for convenience.

When you’re ready to apply what you’ve learned, it offers professional 1-on-1 online tutoring via the app and desktop software. See if you can use what you’ve learned with a qualified Chinese teacher. All users get a free trial class just for signing up.

Famous Quotes (Chinese) is a much less serious app than the others listed here. But! But! It has a comprehensive list of famous Chinese quotes written in Chinese with English translations! If you are an intermediate or advanced learner of Chinese, this can be a fun way to improve your reading and see different translations of passages. Enjoy!

English Learning Apps That Our Best Suitable For Kids

Learn Chinese Daily is like a combination of other great free resources for learning Chinese. The app includes in-app content from some of the internet’s best podcasts, videos, blogs and flashcards. Resources also include Chinese, Learn Shaolan Chinese, Bubble. This is a great app to learn to read Chinese and learn it yourself! The application is updated with new content every 24 hours.

Before you can really master the Chinese language, you need to be able to read Chinese articles or even newspapers. This is also an effective way to build your vocabulary from those articles, but you have to use the right tools first. These Chinese apps have a built-in dictionary that makes it easy for you to find words and read content at your level. If you want to know more useful Chinese learning apps to improve your Chinese speaking, listening or learning all aspects of the Chinese language, don’t forget to follow our Chinese blog!

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Growing up, I always loved reading books. From the Magic Treehouse series to The Babysitters Club to Boxcar Children, I always had a book in hand. At that time, I didn’t read from a tablet and I didn’t even have a smartphone to read from.

The Best Graded Reading Apps For Learning Chinese

However, now you can use technology to your advantage in your homeschool and teach your children to read through reading apps. Here are 12 of the best reading apps for kids of all ages.

Reading Eggs is an app designed by literacy experts to help children learn to read through interactive reading games, lessons and fun activities. This app has over 2,000 stories and activities for ages 2-9. Find out more here

Reading Trainer is an app that focuses on speed reading. By using this app, your kids can increase their reading speed and also increase their reading comprehension. Google Play / iTunes

HOMER is an interactive reading app that helps kids read about topics they love and create personalized reading plans. In just 15 minutes a day, they can build their reading skills through fun stories, lessons and activities. Find out more here

Best Learning Apps For Kids

LeVar Burton Kids Skybrary is a subscription-based library app that lets kids enjoy unlimited access to thousands of different books. Children have the option of having books read to them or reading them themselves. iTunes

Yap Books is an award-winning voice-based learning app that helps children love reading through the magic of bringing stories to life with their voices. The app helps kids read in real-time by giving them real-time reading help and rewards for every word they read correctly, making screen time much more effective and educational for any reader! Google Play / iTunes

Reading Raven is especially for young readers. This app will teach your kids reading skills through the use of mini-games and sticker rewards. Google Play / iTunes

Reading Racer uses voice recognition software to help kids win by reading aloud! The app listens to their words and reacts to them and rewards them whenever they do well. iTunes

Best Journal Apps Of 2022

Reading with phonics gives your children a chance to practice breaking words down into sounds. There are four different words that will allow your kids to hear the words and see them written in this interactive game. Google Play

Read with Fonzi uses speech recognition software to provide feedback as children learn to read aloud. Google Play / iTunes

For any parent who feels they don’t need their child to read, Kindle is the answer! Parents can often find free audiobooks for their children to listen to whenever they want. Google Play / iTunes

If you have a library subscription, Hoopla can connect with your local library so you can check out e-books for your kids. Google Play / iTunes

Best Spelling Apps For Kids And Students

Kids can explore over 25,000 eBooks, audiobooks, videos and quizzes using Epic! Application. Click here to get a free month of their unlimited version. Google Play / iTunes

Listen to your audiobooks no matter where you are or what mood you’re in. Audiobooks are great for children who need to listen while reading or who are too young to read. Google Play / iTunes

Tell me which of these apps have you used? What do you think are the best reading apps for kids? Leave me a comment below.

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When it comes to learning to read, it’s important to have tools that make the experience positive and

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