Ac Maintenance Contract Sample

Ac Maintenance Contract Sample – 1 annual service contract offer for air conditioning systems and water coolers. Sealed tenders are invited for annual maintenance of 103 air conditioners and 10 water chillers installed in various departments of Government Engineering College. Application format is also specified. The deadline for receiving the offer is 2015. It is 9 April. Applications open for 2015. 10 April at 10.00 in the principal’s room. For more details, contact Prof. MANOJ P J (Department of Mechanical Engineering, GEC TCR Mobile, Email – OR PTA Office. Terms and Conditions I. The contract is for a period of 12 months from the date of this contract and the contractor is required to perform two routine maintenance services, one for water supply and one for routine maintenance of all air conditioning systems. list attached during the contract period. 2. During the contract period, the contractor must ensure the maintenance of any faults on the air conditioning system within 24 hours via telephone/mobile by the director or any other person authorized by the director on this behalf. 3. Fees in connection with the replacement of spare parts and compressor must also be paid on presentation of a valid invoice through which the purchase has been completed and a certificate of importance from the air conditioning system/department/manager. 4. Before carrying out routine/breakdown maintenance, the contractor shall obtain appropriate permission from the responsible/responsible department.

2 department and show this person the operation of the air conditioner after maintenance. 5. During the performance of routine/breakdown service, the contractor shall obtain appropriate approval from the Director or his authorized person before replacement of parts/major systems. 6. On completion of normal service or emergency service, the contractor shall enter the details of the work carried out, the parts, if any, replaced and any special remarks in the maintenance record, dated and approved by the person in charge of ventilation. A percentage of the total contract amount will be paid to the contractor upon completion of the first routine service. The remaining 50% of the contract amount is paid upon satisfactory performance of the contract, including the second routine maintenance, at the end of the contract period. 8. During routine/breakdown service of air conditioners, the contractor shall take adequate measures for the safety of technicians and laborers employed by him in such maintenance work and the contractor shall be solely responsible for any loss or damage caused to him. or persons represented by him in this connection. 9. Any damage or loss that may occur to the air conditioner or other public equipment or assets during servicing of the air conditioners. College of Engineering, Thrissur, due to careless/improper handling or incorrect/improper adjustments, the contractor shall be responsible for the same and he shall compensate the loss incurred by the college in that regard.

Ac Maintenance Contract Sample

3 10. If the contractor fails to fulfill or violates any of the terms and conditions of this agreement, he shall surrender the entire contract amount to the administrator with interest at 12% per annum and the contract shall automatically come into force immediately.

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4 Application format. 1. Company name and address. 2. e-mail id 3 mobile number. 4. The amount of IMO for a 2 ton air conditioner. /c cars according to the list (113 points). I have agreed to carry out annual maintenance of air conditioners and water coolers as per terms and conditions. I also agreed to sign a bond upon receipt of the offer. Place Date Signature:

5 APPENDIX-I LIST OF ALR CONDITIONS INSTALLED ON CAMPUS AND DURING DEPARTURE AMC SL NUMBER Department Location ID Number Remarks 1 Alumni Association Office M Auditorium AA001 2 TONS 2 Alumni Association Office Environmental Lab0200TON0 TONS 4 TONS052 Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Lab2 CAD Lab CE003 2 TONS 6 Civil Engineering CAD Lab CE004 2 TONS 7 Civil Engineering CAD Lab CE005 2 TONS 8 Civil Engineering CAD006 Lab Civil Engineering CAD Lab CE008 2 TONS 11 Civil Engineering Seminar Hall CE009 2 TONS 12 Civil Engineering Seminar Hall 2 TONS0110 Seminar Hall 2 TONS Civil Engineering Civil engineer Seminar Hall CE011 2 TONS 14 Civil Engineering Seminar Main Unit CE014 Water Cooler 17 Chemical Engineering Seminar Hall ChE001 2 TONS 18 Chemical Engineering Seminar Hall ChE002 2 TONS 19 Chemical Engineering Seminar Hall ChE003 2 TONS 20 Chemical Engineering Seminar 0212 ChE Chemical Engineering Seminar 0212 ChE Engineer g Seminar Hall ChE005 2 TONS 22 Chemical Engineering Computer Lab ChE006 2 TONS Engineering Compu ter Lab ChE006 2 TONS Engineering 23 Computering Computer Lab ChE009 2 TONS 26 Chemical Engineering Computer Lab ChE010 2 TONS 27 Chemical Engineering Library ChE011 2 TONS Chemical Engineering Library TONS 28 29 Chemical Engineering PG lab ChE013E TONS Cooler 32 Electrical and Electronics Engineering Electronics Laboratory Eee002 2 tons 33 Electrical and electronics Elegain ue003 2 tons TONS 37 Electrical and electronics engineering Computer lab Eee007 2 tons 38 Electical & Electronics2 Electical & Electronics2 Electical Engineering Lab & Electronics EngineeringComputer Lab EEE013 2 TONS 44 Electical & Electronics EngineeringComputer Lab EEE014 2 TONS 45 Electical & Electronics Engineering

64 46 Electronics EngineeringComper Lab EEE016 2 tons 47 Elementical & Electronics Engineering Pab EEE017 2 tons 49 Electectic EnggResearch Lab ECE003 2 TONS 52 Electronics & Communication EnggResearch Lab ECE004 2 TONS 53 Electronics & Communication Engground floor 0 Library 5 TONS 52 Library block LL001 2 TON 55 Office LL05 Library Library block CL002 water cooler 58 Location Cell Office M Auditorium PC001 2 TONS 59 Location Cell room 1 M Auditorium PC002 2 TONS 60 Location Cell room 2 Auditorium PC003 3 Principal’ Room 6 200 TON Principal’s room Meeting room P003 2 TON 64 Principal’s room Meeting room P004 2 TON 65 Rector’s room Meeting room P005 2 TON 66 Main block First floor P006 water cooler 67 Production technical metrology laboratory PE001 2 TON Engineering Prod. Engineering Prod eng lab PE004 2 TONS 71 Production Engineering Computer Laboratory PE005 2 TONS 72 Production Engineering Computer Laboratory PE006 2 TONS 73 Production Engineering Computer Laboratory PE007 2 TONS 74 Production Engineering Computer Laboratory Engineering Computer Laboratory ME001 2 TONS 77 Mechanical Engineering AcademicProfessor TO002 Engineering MechanicalProfessor TO002 Engineering Lab old ME003 2 TONS 79 Mechanics CAD Lab old ME004 2 TONS Engineering old ME004 2 TONS Engineering Old ME004 2 TONS Engineering 80 Mechanical0B. TONS 82 Mechanics PG Lab responsible ME007 2 TONS 8 3 Mechanics PG Lab CNC Trainer ME008 2 TONS 84 Mechanics PG Workshop ME009 2 TONS 85 Mechanics Bearing Tester Room ME011 2 TONS 86 Mechanical Engineering Room MENS011 Tester Mechanical Engineer Lubrication Tester Room ME0118 New Engineering Seminar Hall ME014 2 TONS 89 Mechanical Engineering New Seminar Hall ME015 2 TON 90 Mechanical Engineering Fitting ME016 Water Cooler 91 Mechanical Engineering Computer Room TONS 92 Computer Science Department Programming Laboratory (109) CS001 09 TONS TONS 94 Computer Science Department Programming Laboratory (109) CS003 2 TONS

7 95 Computer Science Department Programming lab (109) CS004 2 TONS 96 Computer Science Department Systems Lab (208) CS005 2 TONS 97 Computer Science Department Systems lab (208) CS006 2 TONS 98 Computer Science Department Systems Lab (20792) laboratory

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