The Breakdown: The Hunger Games Trailer

The_Hunger_Games_katnissSometime within the last year my sister bought the three books that make up this trilogy.  Starting with book 1, The Hunger Games hooked me right away, and I was already tearing up 20 or so pages in because of how quickly I had attached myself to the characters.  It is an addictive read, to say the least, as the kids fight for their lives within The Hunger Games, and 3 days later I had already read the complete trilogy.  And now it is being brought to the big screen, with the first full-length trailer released today following the initial teaser.  Building the world up around the games, this trailer sure doesn’t disappoint for the fans of the novels, and should bring plenty more bodies to the seats when the film opens early next year.

  • -The trailer starts with Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) leaving the fenced in area of District 12 to meet Gale (Liam Hemsworth) in the forest.  They talk of running away together to live in the woods, but her response shows that there isn’t really any hope to trying to leave the forced lives they have come to know.  The greens of the hills and serenity will definitely come to contrast the next time Katniss finds herself in a wooded area.
  • -Early glimpses of Katniss’s proficiency with the bow foreshadow things to come, before being interrupted by just what she was referring to when she mentioned not being able to make it five miles as an aircraft hovers about the trees.
  • -On to the lottery to choose which teenagers will take their shot at the games.  Though we get a glimpse of Effie Trinket (Elizabeth Banks) in her made up frivolity and bright colored clothes as she excitedly reads the names pulled in the lottery, the most important thing to note the way in which District 12 has been built, and the visual ways in which the nature of its relation to The Capitol is shown.  The kids are herded together by men wearing protective gear, and their downtrodden looks and dull clothing have a look that reminds me of images of concentration camps.
  • -Katniss volunteers to save her sister, who was chosen as their female tribute, which is the exact moment in which I broke down in the book for the first time.  The characters had already been built so well in their reliance on each other as sisters, and Prim’s screams in this trailer as she is carried away from Katniss will probably bring tears to my eyes again.
  • -The Capitol is a CGI spectacle of buildings and streets that Katniss and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) have never see before.  The dirt and run down world of their home district has nothing on the harsh lines and cleanliness of the city.
  • -In the ceremonies that precede the game, we get a brief glimpse of Katniss as the “Girl on Fire” as the tributes are further introduced to the districts.  During these scenes a voiceover plays to further explain the premise of the film, and we get to see the tributes showing their skills to the judges and prepare for the games.
  • -As a voice counts down, the whole world has stopped.  All eyes are on the screens set up in the districts, inner-cut with shots of those who fail to see the entertainment value as they wait to hear the fate of their loved ones.
  • -And they’re off!  The Hunger Games have started, but we are left waiting for more as the emblem of the mockinjay comes burning onto the screen.  Way to build the anticipation!

So what did you guys think of the trailer?  My excitement for the film has only increased after seeing this, and as much as I questioned the casting of the boys (I thought that they should have switched roles), I am really pleased with the brief glimpses of their acting I have seen so far in their respective roles.  Plus, if anyone was afraid that Jennifer Lawrence could not bring their beloved character to life in a truthful way to the protagonist of the books, then this trailer should put their fears to rest.