Film Review: Nocturnal Animals

Nocturnal Animals is Tom Ford’s sophomore feature and he ambitiously weaves dual narratives to pretty successful results.

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For Your Renting Pleasure

That’s right, my write-up for rentals has changed yet again.  This time around (and hopefully I will stick to it this time) I will write up little blurbs about the movies I have seen in the past week on Fridays, giving you suggestions for what to pick up and what to avoid when considering what […]

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A Single Man – Finally Out On Blu-Ray and DVD

Hey there all, one of the best movies of last year, #4 by my books, is finally out on home video to rent or own and it should not be missed. A Single Man is a beautiful and wonderfully acted tale about love and loss at what it can do to a person, driving them […]

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Review: A Single Man

A Single Man is a career defining performance from Colin Firth and one of the strongest, most confident, and beautiful directorial debuts I can recall from Tom Ford. The film’s theme touch on everything from loss, death, love, friendship, and purpose in life and never feels forced, always natural and honest discussions on the subjects. […]

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