HST… Best Video Games of 2013

On this sad occasion we come to the end of HST’s Best Of 2013 lists, closing the week out with video games.  What did you find yourself playing the most this past year?

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Video Game Review: The Wolf Among Us Episode One: Faith

As we wait patiently for Telltale to release Season Two of The Walking Dead, the award winning game company released Episode One of re-imagining of Vertigo and Bill Willingham’s Fables comic series, entitled The Wolf Among Us.

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Looking Ahead To 2013: Quarter 4 (October – December)

With the end of the year heading this way, there’s only so much time to cram in all forms of entertainment from this year before it’s too late (if you’re writing an end of post, that is).  With that said, there are still plenty of new releases heading this way competing for your attention.

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Looking Ahead to 2013: 1st Quarter (January – March)

Now that we’re done looking behind us here at HST, it’s time to ring in the new year by filling our calendars with the upcoming releases (movies, music, TV, and video games) we’re looking forward to most.  Big names, big sequels, big comebacks, big excitement.

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HST…Best Video Games of 2012

Plagued by delays and shortcomings, 2012 was an up-and-down year for video games. We saw triumphant returns to form, fantastic new IP’s, and some tragic farewells throughout the year, as well as some big games coming out of small developers. And as the window closes for the current gen consoles, we at HST celebrate the […]

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HST…Best TV of 2012

Day three of the Best Of lists is upon us, bringing about our thoughts on the best and worst of what TV brought us this past year.  Some shows returned stronger than ever, others stumbled slightly, all the while new shows fought the ratings to deserve respectable seasons.  Through it all, the one thing that […]

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Arcade Review: The Walking Dead Ep. 1-5

Anyone who has a television seems to have some sort of opinion on the AMC zombie drama The Walking Dead. Some say the show is trash because there isn’t enough zombie killings, while some say there’s too much. Some also say that the story is trash (which is not my stance). Well fear not, fellow […]

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HST’s Best of 2011: Television

With so much of my (Lauren’s) personality constructed by Television, from PBS shows of my childhood to everything Joss Whedon that influenced my sense of humor and sarcasm, it’s no surprise that every year I get pretty excited for the pilots making their attempt to gain viewers.  Not only that, but sometimes I go crazy […]

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TV Review: The Walking Dead 2.6: Secrets

The Walking Dead bides time after its big reveal in the barn by tying up some lingering plot lines before the mid season finale next week.

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TV Review: The Walking Dead 2.5: Chupacabra

Daryl gets an episode almost all to himself and goes through hell, somehow making it out on the other side.

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