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Musical Opinion: Will Anyone Become A Real “Classic?”

Back when I was younger, I was brought up on whatever was playing in my family’s car radio. Normally, it was the “oldies.” These oldies, including The Beatles’ “Elanor Rigby,” Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” and Boston’s “More Than A Feeling,” contributed to not only my personal tastes in music, but some of my first memories of music period. This thought got me thinking; what does it actually take for a band or artist to be considered classic now? Music is an ever evolving form of art, and the standards to be classic back then don’t exactly bring a comparison to what it takes now. And even if we stayed at those standards, can anyone nowadays match them? Continue reading Musical Opinion: Will Anyone Become A Real “Classic?”

Review: Across the Universe

Trippy would be one way to describe this movie, and unfortunately it is not a good trip. That’s not to say the movie is horrible by any means, its just nowhere near being great, maybe, just barely good, the production values of the film probably at least grant it good status.
The movie is crazy to look at and visual stunning most of the time, don’t let the early and awkward crashing waves fool you otherwise, but that alone doesn’t make a movie. Continue reading Review: Across the Universe