Film Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

When it comes to Fifty Shades of Grey there is pretty much one divide in opinion, love it or hate it. Then there are the rest of us who have absolutely no desire to develop an informed decision because that means we’d actually have to read it. I fall into the latter category, but I […]

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Review: Whip It

Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut is a fun, humorous, and uplifting tale that appeals to all audiences with its themes about being yourself and not bashing anyone along the way and it is about as fun as a movie can get when it is firing on all cylinders. Bliss Cavendar is a seventeen year old girl […]

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Review: The Mist

The Mist, the third Stephen King adaptation by Frank Darabont, is a pretty good suspense horror film that is constantly engaging and remains pretty much unpredictable; which is a good quality for horror suspense fair. Thomas Jane plays David Drayton, a successful movie poster painter living in a small Maine town that is hit by […]

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Review: Into the Wild

Sean Penn directs his first movie in six years and knocks it out of the park. Into the Wild follows the post graduate life of Christopher McCandless, an Emory graduate that decides to give up everything he has and set off on a life of tramping around the country in an attempt to rediscover himself.

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