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Review of No Room for Rockstars – The Vans Warped Tour

If you don’t know what Warped Tour is, let me explain. The summer-long tour is a showcase of the alternative music scene, including acts that make you mosh, and others that can mellow you out. That’s why I love it so much. In the day when the 200 band tour come to my hometown, I get to watch, and interact, with bands that I love. Every year it is a new experience; you get to see bands that you’ve listened to for years, and find new ones to follow. But obviously, it is a different story. No Room For Rockstars follows four musicians and the head of the tour during it’s 2010 season, and makes an entertaining and eye opening hour-and-a-half documentary.

The people that Parris Patton and company covered stretched every sound found on the tour, as well as some of the crew that is involved in making the tour happened. Each one also brings an opinion and a mind-set, including business, touring, and the music industry as a whole. Continue reading Review of No Room for Rockstars – The Vans Warped Tour