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Looking Ahead to 2014: Second Quarter (April – June)

Looking Ahead Q2One quarter down so far this year, three to go.  Here’s our list of what is peaking our excitement in the next few months. Continue reading

54th Annual Grammy’s LIVE: Winners, Performances, and Thoughts

Hello people! Tonight is the 54th Annual Grammy’s on CBS, and I will be live blogging it here. Who will win? Who will lose? Will Adele win everything like I predicted, or will someone else take those trophies away from her? Will a surprise winner take home Best New Artist, or will it just be between Nicki Minaj and Bon Iver? How will the recent passing of Whitney Houston effect the mood of the evening? Keep it here to find out! (Starting @ 8/7 Central Time) Continue reading

HST’s Best of 2011: Music

Whether we like it or not, the year is coming to a close. And now, it is time to reflect on what came out in music. Below, the writers for HST have come up with their favorite albums and songs of the year. We hope that you enjoy our selections, and comment on what songs or albums made your 2011 memorable. Enjoy!!! Continue reading