Film Review: 20th Century Women

20th Century Women feels like a hug, a hug that comes at you out of joy and only wants to make you happier, letting you know the pain in the world is bearable.

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5 Year Retrospective: Watchmen

Watchmen was released five years ago this month and it still stands as one of the best, and most underrated, comic book films.

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Now Playing Review – Eat Pray Love

Based on this title there are three things in the world needed to bring oneself out of an overwhelming depression that has ruined one’s sense of direction in life.  First one must eat to build strength and energy for the long journey ahead.  With a full stomach and a foot placed hesitantly on the trail, […]

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Review: Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love is a dull and poorly executed picture that meanders, is no where near as good as it thinks it is, and fails to engage or fill us with emotion almost every step of the way. Liz Gilbert isn’t happy in life and when she decides she can’t take it any more she […]

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The Decade’s Best – The Good Shepherd (2006)

Robert DeNiro had a long gestating dream project about the origins of the C.I.A. Sitting on it for ten years he was finally able to bring it to fruition in 2006. Taking on a pacing and tone of its title character Edward Wilson, a collected, cold, calculated, subtle, and methodical man that helps give birth […]

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Review: Public Enemies

Michael Mann is back with a period biopic that chronicles the life of John Dillinger in his glory days as a criminal and the results are superb technically but it is missing that special something to make it an absolutely amazing film. Now, what is that special something? I don’t know. But as we pick […]

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Review: Watchmen

The most acclaimed graphic novel of all time translates into an epic and fascinating film that is engaging, precise, and does great justice to its origins but might be a bit to inaccessible to Watchmen virgins. ‘The Comedian is dead’ and his death puts this film into motion. Rorschach, a shape shifting masked vigilante, use […]

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