Lost: Season 6 – Episode 6.12 – Everybody Loves Hugo – Recap/Review

Ok, it has been a couple days now, so I will spare you any elaborate recap and just get to my thoughts on the episode.

I love the way the Sideways world is developing and this was a fantastic next step following the revealatory Desmond episode last week.  Libby and Hurley are the perfect characters to bridge this connection even further and illuminate things while still keeping an air of mystery around what is going on.

The film is also probably the funniest episode of the season so far as well with plenty of humor in both parts of the story.  I also like that Desmond is around still pushing the pieces and hope he stays in this role as the series winds down.  Also, how aware is Desmond of his Island exsistance, i say this as he said he had a soon named Charlie.

I wonder if the Libby reveal back in season 2 at Santa Rosa will some how play out as a sideways world connection.

Loved the scene at the well between Desmond and FLocke though I am having a hard time figuring out what the hell is going on with Desmond and if he has Widmore in his ear or is just trying to get his time with the Island over and done with so he can join Sideways world.

Where was Hugo’s dad though I wonder?  Will we even ever find out?

And what about Desmond running down Locke and Sideways world?  Retaliation for the well toss through the cosmos or is he trying to get him in “touch” with Jack at the hospital?

It was really nice to see Libby again, especially with Cynthia Watros doing such a fine job in the episode.

I do have a couple complaints on my mind though:

-Seriously, that’s it for Illana?  It was surprising that she blew up but not at all impactful because she didn’t do a whole lot.  I bet she comes back in some capacity.

-Also, stop splitting everyone up and can we please get more time with Sawyer we have had far to little after we got a lot of him in the beginning.  And things are just so scatter shot on who we will see each ep and for how long, character distribution just seems a bit out of balance this series and that is my biggest complaint of the season.

Ok, enough for now, see you next week with hopefully a more timely posting.