Moving to the Middle of the Row

Having Said That faithful, we are changing names, getting a fresh look and not much else will be different but our name; Middle of the Row!

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Thanks For Your Patience

The site, you may have noticed, has been basically impossible to view as of late. I apologize.

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Don’t Panic! Will Be Back On Track Soon

Hello all! Yes Lauren and I are still alive, well Lauren just barely, and we hope to both be back to delivering movie reviews again to you guys soon. Like this week. I have been moving, twice, and Lauren has been a bit under the weather. I will have reviews for Harry Potter and the […]

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Technical Difficulties Hopefully Righted Soon!

Sorry for any inconvenience loyal readers.

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Pardon Our Dust – Update

*Update* We moved over, so sorry for any glitches and we are going to be trying to pretty this baby up in the meantime. Thanks for dealing with the switch! We are switching off wordpress servers so hopefully there will only be a bit of down time, keep checking back!

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I’m Back

I was in Mexico for a week, so sorry for a lack of updates I will be back with reviews and such of the following: Wall-E – Amazing Hancock – Good Links – Grand time for everyone involved! Wanted – Good See you soon.

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Updated: Thanks Pop Candy

Just saying thanks for posting my blog on yours with the Transformers post! Thanks Whitney! Check out her blog on my sidebar, Pop Candy Jo-Blo and gave me shout outs as well, so thanks to them as well!

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