Music Review: Panic! at the Disco’s ‘Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die’

There are many things you could knock Panic! At the a Disco for; one of them is NOT their consistent inconsistencies. Each of their first three albums gave a different style and mood, showing just how diverse Brendon Urie and Co. can be. That may be why Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die […]

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Looking Ahead To 2013: Quarter 4 (October – December)

With the end of the year heading this way, there’s only so much time to cram in all forms of entertainment from this year before it’s too late (if you’re writing an end of post, that is).  With that said, there are still plenty of new releases heading this way competing for your attention.

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Music Review: Balance and Composure’s ‘The Things We Think We’re Missing’

One of my most anticated albums to come out this month comes from Pennsylvanian rock quintet Balance and Composure. Their sophomore album The Things We Think We’re Missing raises the bands intensity immensely while staying relatively familiar.

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Music Review: Now Voyager’s ‘Tell Tale Hearts’

Two year ago, Belgian mathcore outfit Now Voyager wowed me with their tight musicianship and interesting ideas. Those ideas are turned up a notch on Tell Tale Hearts, a four song EP that doubles as a metal wake up call.

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HST Interviews…Nabil Sanaullah of Now, Voyager

Having Said That was introduced to Now, Voyager as their first EP Seas was coming out back in December 2011. Two years have past, and Alan decided to catch up with frontman Nabil Sanaullah on the eve of their second EP, Tell Tale Hearts.

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Music Review: Earl Sweatshirt’s ‘Doris’

Odd Future wunderkind Earl Sweatshirt’s debut full length Doris is what Earl fans have been clamoring for, and can even find its way to multiple best of lists by the end of the year.

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Looking Ahead To 2013: Quarter 3 (July – September)

Looks like it’s time again for the writers over at HST to look ahead to what we expect/hope to be the best of the best books, movies, music, TV shows and video games of the coming months.

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The Most Important Bands Of The Era: Number Sixteen

Four more bands enter, how many of them will place? Alan, James, Lauren, and Kristen are back with their number sixteen picks – four bands that sound NOTHING like each other. Who will place, and who will march on?

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Music Review: Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’

Of all the rap albums that came out this week, only one album was interesting enough to talk about. And with Yeezus, I really do mean interesting.

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Music Review: 3OH!3’s ‘Omens’

It’s been a while since we heard from the bros of Boulder came out with an album. But in the time since their latest effort came out, music has since brushed aside theier fun party raps. That makes their latest effort, Omens, stray from being original and conforms to become generic.

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