Favorite Music of 2016

The Bad News: There were not as many albums that I loved this year The Good News: I loved more individual songs than usual this year I reworked the rankings to account for that crazy ass 2016. Having a set criteria sucks anyway.

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Album Review: “Painkillers” – Brian Fallon

I imagine I was a part of a large demographic that went into a frenzied panic when The Gaslight Anthem announced they were breaking up. The thought of losing out on the creative output of Brian Fallon and Co. was almost incomprehensible to us denim adorned, dive bar frequenting, perpetually brokenhearted, rock and rock revivalists. […]

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Grant’s 2015 Music Awards

While I had high expectations for some 2015 releases like the return of Modest Mouse, Jason Isbell’s follow-up to Southeastern, and the last Death Cab for Cutie album to feature Chris Walla, it was instead the year of the female singer-songwriter.

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HST 2014 in Review: Music

This year in music seems defined not by the return of highly anticipated musicians, but instead by the breakout of some lesser-known talents.  Here are my picks for the best music of 2014.

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Looking Ahead to 2014: Third Quarter (July – September)

One quarter ends, another begins.  Here is the list you’ve been waiting for! Get excited for what we’re excited for!  Mass excitement!  Yay!

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Looking Ahead to 2014: Second Quarter (April – June)

One quarter down so far this year, three to go.  Here’s our list of what is peaking our excitement in the next few months.

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Album Review: A Great Big World’s ‘Is There Anybody Out There?’

Proving that instrumentation can still chart, Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino (aka A Great Big World) impresses with their long awaited debut album.

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Looking Ahead to 2014: First Quarter (January – March)

Now that you’ve had enough time to let our choices for what we enjoyed last year, it’s time to shift our focus towards what’s to come in 2014.

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HST… Best Music of 2013

Day 3 of the Best Of 2013 lists brings the writers here at HST… to music.  What songs had you singing along this past year?

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The HST Mixtape of 2013

Another year, another mixtape! 2013 was another great year in music, and below are just twenty tracks that I believe made this year enjoyable.

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