Rental Review – Year One

Year One takes a trip back to prehistoric times for its inspiration, but unfortunately no one remembered to pack the comedy. Going off of survival of the fittest standards, Zed and Oh would have been bred out of the species a long time ago.  In a nutshell, they are lazy outcasts who are unskilled at […]

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While I was Streaming: New York, I Love You

The 2nd anthology film in the I Love You series this time stops in New York and the results are just as great as the Paris anthology, Paris, je t’aime. The film follows a loosely connected group of individuals as we watch their experiences with love through a series of short films and connecting vignettes.  […]

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While I Was Streaming: World’s Greatest Dad

Bobcat Goldthwait’s latest film is a pitch black comedy revolving around the struggle of a writer who wants to be famous and the revisionist history nature of high school and the results are a solid effort that tells a touching if a bit disturbed story of family. Goldthwait’s film revolves around a single dad, Lance, […]

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While I Was Streaming: The Girlfriend Experience

Steven Soderbergh’s latest small budget “experimental” film is a triumph in both story telling and originality while successfully taking us into a world few of us understand while pairing it with a theme we can all relate to with the timely issue surrounding the downturn in the economy. First off, for being such a low […]

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Rental Review – Rise: Blood Hunter

My willingness to watch predictably horrible horror films has struck again. I am ashamed… Lucy Liu has a problem. The most obvious of which is that she agreed to star in this film. Okay, let me start over… Lucy Liu’s character, Sadie Blake, has a problem. For starters, she is an investigative journalist, and curiosity […]

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TV Review – Harper’s Island: The Complete Series

Harper’s Island may choose to wade through the waters of TV’s tamer horror genre rather than create major ripples with a cannonball into the deep end, but for me it still manages to be a welcome allusion to the campier horror films I grew up with. It follows Henry Dunn (Christopher Gorham), Trish Wellington (Katie […]

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Rental Review – P2

In the spirit of the holiday I decided that I would treat myself to a little horror film. The problem is I am not always the best judge in selecting something because my love of the genre tends to block out the part of my brain that warns me as to how stupid the movie […]

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