Dissecting Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 is Disney’s best animated film in years, with a great pro science message that kids need to experience as much as they need to meet Baymax.

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Dissecting 22 Jump Street: Jumping In All Over Again

22 Jump Street is every bit as good as the first film, with Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill proving to be a comedy duo that is tough to beat.

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Dissecting The Fault In Our Stars

Lauren: To all those I have angered with my book reviews, break out your pitchforks once more: time to remind you that John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars is overrated.  Boom!  Now I’m not saying bad, just overrated.  But unlike The Spectacular Now (something that Zac and I both feel is way overrated), whereas […]

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Dissecting Godzilla (2014): Kaiju & Awe

Godzilla returns from director Gareth Edwards, and he finds a sense of awe and scale that is rarely found in the theater today.

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Dissecting Noah: The Graphic Novel vs. The Film

Like The Fountain before it, Darren Aronofsky created a graphic novel adaptation of Noah that was released before the film, and in Noah’s case the book’s narrative actually works better.

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Dissecting Divergent: Two Opinions Diverged On A Yellow Interwebs

Lauren:  Surprising no one, least of all myself, Zac and I find ourselves on opposing sides of the enjoy it or hate it spectrum when it comes to the newest YA novel adaptation gracing the big screen.  But which one of us shares the popular reaction to the film, and which one of us is […]

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5 Year Retrospective: Watchmen

Watchmen was released five years ago this month and it still stands as one of the best, and most underrated, comic book films.

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Wes Anderson and the Traits of Serial Killers

Wes Anderson’s films and protagonist are mostly harmless, but when you dig into them they share many characteristics with serial killers.

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5 Year Retrospective: Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox is five years old this fall, but with Grand Budapest Hotel releasing this week it feels appropriate to discuss how well Wes Anderson’s animated adventure has aged in such a short time.

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The Best of 2013: A Year in Film

2013 might be the best year at the theater since I started getting serious about film, how many of my favorites did you see?

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