Review: A Prophet (Now Out on Blu-ray and DVD)

Making my Best of List for 09 earlier this year I never properly reviewed A Prophet.  So to build awareness of this excellent film’s release on DVD and Blu-Ray I will give it the proper review it deserves. Review: A Prophet A Prophet might be the best crime film of the last decade and is […]

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Rental Review – When In Rome

A fountain of love is something I would definitely be happy to come across.  But as hopeful as a girl can be about finding one my expectations aren’t that high, so I will settle for watching a good romantic comedy about a fountain of this nature instead.  Unfortunately after watching When In Rome I have […]

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Rental Review – Fame

2009’s Fame may hit on some of the best parts of the entertainment industry with performances of music and dance, but all of this being crammed into one film leaves little room for an actual film to really form. The New York Academy of Performing Arts is apparently the place to be for upcoming, high […]

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Rental Review – The Time Traveler’s Wife

The Time Traveler’s Wife may be about a man who uncontrollably jumps around within a certain span of time, but at its basic level it is a love story.  A love story that unfortunately takes a rocky start with its depiction on screen in concern to dialog and pacing, but eventually it finds itself and […]

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Rental Review – The Hurt Locker

The Hurt Locker may be a beautifully shot film, but it is far from the perfection I was expecting after all the hype it has been drenched in, especially post Oscars. To sum it up, I think the best way to describe the movie is to compare it to the subject matter of the film, […]

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Rental Review – The Blair Witch Project

As many of you may know by now (considering I have said this on numerous occasions) I love horror films.  I love them so much that in the past I have gone to the movie theater on my own to watch them (and sat as far away as possible from the only other person in […]

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Rental Review – Resident Evil: Degeneration

Resident Evil: Degeneration is an animated film that takes place within the timeline of the game franchise, and it probably would have worked as a game, but unfortunately it comes up lacking as a film. Picking a new hub for a zombie outbreak, RE Degeneration takes on a whole new level of failed security and […]

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Rental Review – The Stepfather

Though I am happier than ever that my mother has remained married to the same non-crazy man for all of my life after watching this film, the concept behind The Stepfather has a much greater impact on this feeling than the film itself, which doesn’t even live up to the other “horror” films of the […]

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Rental Review – Couples Retreat

No matter who you go with, when it comes to vacations some fighting and mishaps are bound to happen, but usually there are enough good moments to balance out, if not overpower, the bad. Couples Retreat tries to show these moments of both ups and downs (well, mainly downs), but in the end the trip […]

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Queue Review: Black Dynamite

Scott Sanders and Michael Jai White have teamed up on Black Dynamite to make a spoof/homage of black exploitation films of the 60’s and 70’s and the results are a fun and often hilarious movie that hits all the right notes. The year is 1972, and Black Dynamite is the baddest mother on the streets, […]

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