Bottleneck Presents Nacho Diaz’s Gaming/Movie Mashups

Ghost Trap Header
Nacho Diaz’s (@naolito) new art set mashes up gaming and movies in a clever and fun way that fans of the properties will be sure to enjoy.

Bottleneck Gallery (@BottleneckNYC) has come on my radar as of late thanks to the work of Andy Fairhurst, but I got dropped a new show in my inbox this morning and thought I would share.

These prints go on sale TODAY (3/11/15) over at So without further ado…

“Dawn of Gaming”
Dawn of Gaming
“Gaming King”
Gaming King
“Ghost Trap”
Ghost Trap
“Indiana Link”
Indiana Link
“Kingdom Redemption”
Kingdom Redemption
“Limbo Patronum”
Limbo Patronum

Head over to Bottleneck Gallery today and try and snag a Nacho Diaz print if you like them!