Film Review: The Lego Movie

I never imaged I would type this sentence: The Lego Movie was great, but is it getting too much acclaim?

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Dissecting Inside Llewyn Davis: Llewyn Is the Cat

Grant and Zac take a belated look at Inside Llewyn Davis, the latest from the Coen brothers, which hasn’t settled with audiences the way many of their other classics have.

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HST…Best Movies of 2012

With our feet firmly planted in 2013, it is time for the writers here at HST to look back on the past year and reminisce about the good, the meh, and the just plain ugly of the entertainment world, starting right her with film.

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HST’s Best of 2011: Movies

It was a great year for films, here are some highlights from the writers of HST.  [Sorry to blow you away with my expressive introduction, it’s just my talent shining through]

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Reflections with Toy Story 3

In my first post on this site I stated that I there are only 5 movie sequels that I love.  Well, I saw Predators the other night…and that didn’t change the count, in fact Predators was bad.  But the following night I got the kid some snacks and we saddled up Toy Story 3.  I […]

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The Source Code: The Ending and Other Thoughts

I’m not sure who sees hit movies in the theater even later than I do… maybe people with two kids.  But, believe it or not, when I talk about the ending of The Source Code, it may give away the ending.  Shocking, I know. I didn’t expect to become enthralled by The Source Code.  Not […]

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True Grit and the Coen Brothers

Just a week after I wrote about probably the Coen brothers film with the most mystery and depth in A Serious Man, I watched the extremely straightforward Coen brothers version of True Grit.  Despite their deviation from their usual eccentricity, I loved the film.  The Coen brothers like Tarantino have a knack for propelling a […]

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A Serious Analysis

First things first, if you haven’t seen A Serious Man, I would recommend watching it before reading this.  If you don’t follow my advice, don’t get mad at me when I tell you that Bruce Willis was a ghost…I’ve said too much… After I finished watching A Serious Man last year, I was stunned.  It […]

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Review – Inception

Christopher Nolan’s Inception is a rare breed.  The film features great acting, stunning visual effects, a unique storyline, and fantastic direction.  Nolan seems to walk a line with Inception which should please everyone from the film geek to the grandparent.  Nolan repeats a cycle throughout the film of giving you hints, then giving you the […]

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Should Avatar Win the Oscar for Best Picture?

Avatar is currently the odds on favorite to win the Oscar for Best Picture. Almost everyone enjoyed this film, but does it deserve to win Best Picture? My expectations for Avatar were hindered from the beginning. Avatar’s various previews accurately depict its recycled plot and clichéd theme of the noble savage. I immediately dubbed the […]

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